2001 Dodge Dakota


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$13,910* (4x2 Regular Cab) to $22,370* (4x4 Quad Cab)
Add $570
destination charge.
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Four engines are available to fill the Dakota's engine bay

- 2.5 liter OHV Magnum® inline four-cylinder with sequential multi-port fuel injection.

- 3.9 liter OHV Magnum® V-6 with sequential multi-port fuel injection.

- 4.7 liter SOHC Magnum® V-8 with sequential multi-port fuel injection.

- 5.9 liter OHV Magnum® V-8 with sequential multi-port fuel injection

Four transmission choices exist for the Dakota Lineup:

- Five-speed manual overdrive.

- 42RE Four-speed automatic overdrive.

- 45 RFE Multi-speed automatic overdrive.

- 46RE Four-speed automatic overdrive.



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Dodge won't be altering the exterior styling of their Dakota compact pickup lineup, but all models will benefit from an interior freshening featuring many new customer conveniences.

There are four engines and four transmission choices for the Dakota, not to mention two transfer cases for 4x4 models -- a part-time and a full-time version. 4x2 drive set-ups are also available.

Cab choices include: Regular Cab, Club Cab and Quad Cab. The latter sports the longest bed in the segment at 5'3", and is capable of seating up to six passengers. Longer cargo boxes may be ordered for regular cab models.

The diverse Dakota offers Best-In-Class power and capability. Varying trim levels make it possible to tailor Dakotas to suit their specific needs -- There's even a performance version in the Dakota R/T that is driven by the 5.9 liter Magnum® V-8 mated to a four-speed manual gearbox. A myriad of after market goodies are offered to further modify and personalize the roomy and comfortable Dakota.

Exterior Design:
The Dakota's popular exterior design that resembles a stylized version of its full-size sibling (but with more balanced proportioning) -- the Ram, will remain status quo for 2001.

Interior Design:
Inside styling of all Dakotas will receive a freshening treatment, with the addition of creature comfort and upgraded safety features and changes to virtually everything the driver sees or touches, including a rotary dial for the new electronic transfer case.

Engine choices for Dakota range from a 2.5 liter, 120 horsepower four-banger to a 5.9 liter, 250 horse motor that also generates a whopping 345 pound feet of torque. If that's not enough, a Hemi crate motor may be ordered from Mopar.