Tuned Up and Tricked Out! 2002 Kenne Bell Ram
By: Harvey Schwartz Posted: 07-10-02 20:00
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Anyone who visited the 2001 SEMA Show (Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association) and ventured into the Dodge exhibit area, was struck by the awesome look and beauty of the all new, 2002 Dodge Ram that was supercharged and tricked out by Kenne Bell of Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.

A few months before the show, Dodge contacted Kenne Bell and asked Jim Bell to supercharge their new Ram and dress it up like never before with the latest in aftermarket wheels, suspension, cargo covers, etc. The Ram is a great truck straight from the factory, and dubbed the 'New Mayor of Truckville' by Dodge, but Dodge wanted to make even a bigger impact on show attendees with a fully tuned and tricked out version.

Jim called his designers into a meeting and plotted their strategy to make the new Dodge Ram more aggressive and bold, with plenty of extra power, superb handling, comfort and convenience.

The new Ram that Dodge soon delivered was stripped down and the engineers went to work. First, a Kenne Bell Twin-Screw Supercharger was installed on top of the stock 4.7liter SOHC V8 engine. The $3,900.00 Supercharger kit includes the Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump system to increase fuel flow to the injectors, and the Kenne Bell Optimizer II computer upgrade for the engine management computer-it recalibrates fuel, spark and transmission tables for more powerful acceleration, more torque at any rpm, quicker throttle response, improved transmission shift quality, increased hp at the shifts, plus, even better fuel mileage. All Kenne Bell Twin-Screw Superchargers are designed by Kenne Bell, manufactured of billet aluminum by AutoRotor of Sweden, and then reshipped back to California where each unit is assembled by hand at the Kenne Bell facility in Rancho Cucamonga.

Power upgrade is very significant and felt immediately. With the new 6psi blower, the Dodge Ram cuts 0-60mph times by over 2sec. and now covers the 1/4mi. in15.9sec. at 91mph, quicker than the stock 4.7 V8's 17.9sec. at 77mph. The new Chrysler 4.7 V8 makes 235hp, and with the Kenne Bell SC it is increased to 329hp. Add the optional $800.00 Intercooler, and hp increases to 359.

The supercharged V8 breathes better and has a loader and sweeter exhaust note with the Gibson dual-exhaust system ending out and under the rear bumper with quad, dual-rectangular, chromed exhaust tips. These beautiful exhaust tips sit just below the beautiful, new Roll Pan designed by Sir Michael's.

When you turn on the ignition and the engine comes to life it seems that the engine is running smoother and more 'ready to go'. The sweet supercharger sound just grows louder and sweeter the more you push on the throttle. Within seconds you are flying down the road in control, in comfort and in supreme bliss as this war-wagon will get noticed wherever you go.

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