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To increase handling and responsiveness the Ram's suspension was lowered 3in. up front and 4in. in the rear with a lowering kit from Advantage Performance Center. The stock springs and shocks were discarded and replaced by Advantage's Tech 1 Springs and Gas-pressurized Shocks. The all-new, factory stock rack & pinion steering was designed for the Ram and works great to quickly turn in was precise driver feedback. This is the first use of power-assisted rack & pinion steering in any full-size pickup, a Dodge first.

The power-assisted, 4-wheel, ABS steel disc brakes are the industry's largest and most powerful at 13.8in. vented up front/13.2in. solid disc rear, with each rotor clamped by dual piston calipers. No real need to upgrade right now.

The lowered and arched well wells are magnificently stuffed with huge, BF Goodrich P305/35ZR24in. G-Force steel-belted, radial tires. Blowing your mind even more are the gigantic and beautifully designed Oasis 24X10in. alloy wheels. It's chariot time when you're rolling down the road in this gorgeous Ram.

Kenne Bell's designers weren't finished with the total remake yet. The rear, full-size cargo box was fitted with a Gaylord's bed liner and covered over with Gaylord's great looking, automatic cover that's further fitted with Gaylord's dual, Speedsturr-Speedbumps, each with a locking storage compartment. It really makes this Ram look special.

Beautifully tying everything together is the magnificent paint and stripping job by Mike Face Custom Paint Inc. Keeping everything cool and private is dark-tinted Johnson Window Film. A factory installed manual and dark tinted slider is found in the rear. Adding to your comfort and support while traveling the roads are matching, red and silver gray, 'Katzkin', power-assisted, high-backed, bucket seats up front with matching center console, and flip-up bench seat in the rear.

Wow, this 2002 Dodge Ram is the fastest and coolest looking Ram on the road, thanks to Kenne Bell and his great staff of designers, engineers and friends in the aftermarket industry.

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