PUTC Buyer's Guide: 2002 GMC Sierra Denali


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Add $720 destination charge.
*Prices are base prices.

One engine is available for the Sierra

6.0-liter OHV Vortec 6000® V8 with sequential fuel injection.
325hp @ 4000
370ft-lbs. @ 5000

One transmission exists for the Sierra Denali:

- MT1( 4L65-E) Four-speed automatic

MPG (city / highway):
6.0-liter: (12/15)




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GMC's terrific pickup, the Sierra C3, gets a new name and much more for 2002.

The 2002 Sierra Denali features Delphi Automotive Systems’ revolutionary Quadrasteer 4WS system as standard equipment on the 2002 all-wheel-drive Extended Cab short box pickup.

Using conventional front-wheel hydraulic power steering in combination with an electrically powered rear wheel steering system, Quadrasteer adjusts rear-wheel angles, turning them opposite to the front wheels at lower speeds and in the same direction as the front wheels at higher speeds, for astounding maneuverability and control.

At lower speeds, the Quadrasteer 4WS system reduces Sierra Denali’s curb-to-curb turning diameter by 21-percent to 37.4 feet, enabling it to turn as tightly as a Saturn Coupe at 37.1 feet. This nimbleness enables the Sierra Denali to slip almost effortlessly in and out of driveways and tight parking spaces. Its improved low-speed steering responsiveness also requires fewer steering wheel movements, increasing driving enjoyment. At highway speeds, Quadrasteer reduces Sierra Denali’s "yaw," or rotational motion, for dramatically improved stability. It provides safer, more confident lane changes, passing and evasive maneuvers – especially during wet or windy weather.

The increase in trailering control is equally amazing. With Quadrasteer, Sierra Denali and its trailer move down the highway as if they were one. Drivers can change lanes more quickly and safely with hardly any trailer sway – even at speeds of 65 mph and with an 8000-pound trailer.

Off-road, Sierra Denali can jockey easily between boulders and rocks because its rear wheels maintain the same clearance as the front wheels. It also allows drivers to venture into places that would stop a competitive vehicle short, such as a narrow mountain road with a steep cliff wall and hairpin turns.

In the city, Quadrasteer allows Sierra Denali to pull its trailer around a corner, without cutting the corner in the sharp manner of trucks. It also allows Sierra Denali to maneuver its trailer easily in tight spaces, like a boat launching area or at a campsite, or to back the trailer up without the normal right and left gyrations accompanying such a maneuver.

Equipped with Quadrasteer, the Sierra Denali now has a higher capacity rear axle and increased GVWR. A larger 9.75-inch rear ring gear is used to increase the rear axle’s gross weight rating by 250-pounds to 4000-pounds. Coupled with the extra capacity already available in the Sierra Denali’s 51-mm twin-piston caliper front and 45-mm twin-piston caliper rear brakes, the larger rear axle provides a higher 7200-pound GVWR, 400 pounds more than the Sierra C3. This allows Sierra Denali to provide a 1722-pound payload carrying capability, nearly the same as before, despite a small increase in weight associated with the Quadrasteer system. As indicated, GCWR has also increased by 2000-pounds; coupled with a new 4.10 axle ratio, it increases trailering capacity by 1300-pounds to 10,000-pounds (4535.1 Kg).

Exterior Design:
The exterior of the 2002 Sierra Denali changes substantially from the 2001 Sierra C3.

Quadrasteer's wider rear track requires the use of composite 'shoulders' over the rear wheels to keep them covered by the bed's exterior. Overall body width has grown from 78.5-inches to 83.5-inches.

Federal regulations stipulate the trucks over 80-inches in width also include roof mounted marker lamps and fender mounted clearance lights so the Denali looks almost like an athletic dually at first glance.

Interior Design:
A new instrument panel-mounted switch is added to control the Quadrasteer system, enabling the driver to select either Smooth Ride or Control / Trailering.

GM's highly capable 6.0-liter Vortec 6000 V8 is the only engine available for Sierra Denali.