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$13,756* (4x2 SL Regular Cab)
$15,738* (4x2 SL Ext. Cab)
$19,456* (4x4 SL Ext. Cab)
$24,273* (4x4 SL Crew Cab)
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destination charge.
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Two engines are available for the GMC Sonoma

2.2 liter OHV Vortec® four-cylinder with sequential fuel injection (4x2 Only)
120hp @ 5000 rpm
140ft-lbs. @ 3600 rpm

4.3 liter OHV Vortec® V6 with sequential fuel injection
180hp @ 4400 (2WD)
190hp @ 4400 (4x4)
245ft-lbs. @ 2800 (2WD)
250ft-lbs. @ 2800 (4x4)

Three transmission choices exist for the Sonoma:

- MW2 Five-speed manual with Vortec 2200

- M50 Five-speed manual with Vortec 4300

- 4L60-E Four-speed automatic

Fuel Economy (City/Highway):
2.2-liter: (22 / 28) manual
2.2-liter: (19 / 25) automatic
4.3-liter: (14 / 17) manual
4.3-liter: (15 / 20) automatic

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Similar to its fraternal twin, the 2002 Chevrolet S-10, the GMC receives the same changes plus several other upgrades.

For 2002, Sonoma offers a simpler selection of trim levels and a higher level of standard equipment. The changes simplify vehicle ordering and provide more customer value.

Although the 2WD Regular Cab long box model has been discontinued, customers still have a wide selection of bodystyles, including two-door Regular Cab, three-door Extended Cab and four-door Crew Cab models.

Sonoma’s flagship four-door Crew Cab, introduced in the 2001 model year, provides access to a highly roomy and comfortable, sedan-like interior through four full-sized doors. It features such standard equipment as the Vortec 4300 V6 engine and 4L60-E four-speed electronic automatic transmission, SLS trim and four-wheel-drive, along with a specially designed short bed configuration. The Crew Cab further enhances its appeal with an available graphite leather trim interior and hard, lockable tonneau cover.

Sonoma offers a choice of two- or four-wheel-drive, two engines, three transmissions and four suspension selections. Three doors are now standard on all Extended Cab models, with the third door conveniently located behind the driver’s door for easy rear-seat storage and passenger access. Every four-wheel-drive Extended Cab model, equipped with the ZR2 High Rider package, receives a standard ZR2 decal.

A tachometer and air conditioning are now standard on all models sold to fleet customers. (They still have the air conditioning delete option available to them.) Sonomas delivered to North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Minnesota and Alaska now have the Cold Climate package standard.

All Sonoma models offer a newly available rear cargo bed extender.

Exterior Design:
A special ZR2 decal now comes on all equipped 4x4 Extended Cab models.

Sonoma’s SLE trim is discontinued. However, chrome grille trim and a matching center cap on the wheels have been added to the SLS trim package.

Sandalwood is available as a new exterior color selection; Medium Sage Green Metallic is discontinued.

Interior Design:
Delayed interior lighting keeps the dome lamp lit for 15 seconds or until the ignition is turned on after closing the front doors.

The stereo, power windows, and other power Options remain active for up to 20 minutes after the ignition is turned off or a door is open, thanks to the retained accessory power feature.

New state-of-the-art audio systems replace previous standard AM/FM stereo and optional AM/FM stereo cassette audio systems in mid-year. Availability of the new sound systems depends on the trim level. All audio systems have four speakers and include:

A higher-level ETR AM/FM stereo radio with digital clock, preset scan, standard on SL and SLS trim, except for the Crew Cab.
An optional (except Crew Cab) ETR AM/FM stereo radio with single-disc CD player; it also features automatic tone control, CD random select and speed-compensated volume (which automatically adjusts volume as speed increases to compensate for road noise) as well as TheftLock.

An ETR AM/FM stereo radio with in-dash, single-disc CD player and in-dash cassette tape player, standard on Crew Cab and optional on other models; it also features automatic tone control, speed-compensated volume, CD random-select capability and bi-directional seek capability, search and repeat and TheftLock.

An ETR AM/FM stereo radio with speed-compensated volume, TheftLock and an in-dash, six-disc CD player, optional on all models; the CD player provides the flexibility of loading or ejecting any one of the six CDs independently of the others, loading up all six in rapid sequence with the press of one button or ejecting all six with the press of another button. It also provides single-disc random play, selecting tracks from one disc, or full random play, skipping from one disc to the next.

Beige Custom cloth and Pewter Vinyl trim have been discontinued as a choice for regular customers (non-fleet purchases).

Engine choices for Chevrolet Sonoma include a 2.2-liter, 120 horsepower/140 ft-lbs four cylinder and a 190 horsepower/250 ft-lbs. 4.3-liter V6.