Pumping Iron : Toyota Honors a Winner with the Ivan Stewart Signature Edition Tundra
By: BJ KilleenPosted: 02-20-02 14:00

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It's always nice to receive a memento recognizing your efforts and dedication to your employer. But when you've helped your company become one of the most recognized names in dependability, racing ability, and durability, you deserve something more than a wall plaque and a handshake. In the case of Ivan Stewart and Toyota, the only thing to do is produce a special vehicle to show the intense gratitude for all the success.

And there's no division better to create this special vehicle than Toyota's own TRD (Toyota Racing Development), which produces this Ivan Stewart Signature Edition Toyota Tundra for enthusiasts to enjoy. For those who haven't heard the name Ivan Stewart, he's one of the most successful off-road racers in the world. He singlehandedly has done more for Toyota than any other driver in just about any other venue. But to slap some decals on a truck would be an insult, so the good people at TRD went the distance and developed a ride that would make any champion proud.

Although the Ivan Stewart Tundra has been in production since 2000, TRD continues to add features that keep it exciting and on the shopping list of those looking for lots of performance and plenty of good looks in a full-size pickup. At around $45,000 loaded, this truck isn't for posers, and will help to keep the vehicle in the hands of those that really want it and understand it.

To create the IS Tundra, TRD starts with a Tundra Access Cab Limited 4WD model with the powerful iFORCE V-8 engine, and adds a monochromatic body package that consists of wide-lip fender flares with integrated mudguards, a one-piece grille surround with charcoal mesh insert, an aggressive front bumper treatment, and matching mirror covers. The package is available in all the factory colors, so you can really have it your way. To mark the truck as special, Ivan Stewart's signature is found on both sides of the truck. No subtle badging here.

The next layer includes 5-spoke, lightweight, pressure-cast, one-piece aluminum wheels with embossed forged center caps that wear BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A 265/70R16 rubber.

Inside, our test Tundra had the contoured two-tone leather-trimmed and TRD-embroidered sport seats, super-high-gloss carbon-fiber interior trim (the real thing, not that fake stuff most manufacturers are using), TRD floormats, an IS interior dash plaque for authenticity, and a windshield banner. There's also an A-pillar-mounted boost gauge to let you know when the supercharger is putting out.

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