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Although the truck was 4WD, we only had time to take it on a muddy hillside, where it had good traction and grip even in the deepest bogs. To really see if it could take some punishment we'd have to enter it in the Baja 1000. Unfortunately, we didn't have the vehicle long enough to really pretend we were Ivan Stewart.

Less than 500 Ivan Stewart Tundra models have been sold to date, and if you're a collector, this would be a good selection to add to your stable. Another plus to this vehicle is that you can purchase the truck at any Toyota dealership, then TRD can turn it around in about two days' time. And many of the parts also carry an enhanced TRD limited warranty when they are installed at the Toyota dealership.

The Ivan Stewart Signature Edition Tundra is just one of the vehicles to which TRD has added its special blend of performance and appearance packages. For more information on what's available, or to order a catalog, contact TRD at, or call 800-688-5912.

Ivan Stewart Signature Edition Tundra Parts and Pricing
Toyota Tundra Access Cab V-8 Limited 4WD: $30,570.00
Ivan Stewart Package, Includes:
Body kit, wheels and tires set, performance shocks,
exclusive Ivan Stewart badging
$ 4,199.95
Stainless steel dual exhaust system $ 802.09
Stainless steel headers $ 996.00
Big Brake Kit $ 2,395.00
Luxury Sport Interior $ 2,399.00
Limited-slip differential $ 799.00
4.7-liter V-8 supercharger TBD* ($3,500 est.)
Total: $45,661.04

* No price announced yet, but the supercharger for the 3.4-liter V-6 sells for $3,310.
* Estimate the V-8 supercharger will be somewhat higher.

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