PUTC Buyer's Guide: 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500


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$18,405* (1500 4x2 Regular Cab, Short Bed)
$18,705* (1500 4x2 Regular Cab, Long Bed)
$23,155* (1500 4x2 Extended Cab, Short Bed)
$24,950* (1500 4x2 Extended Cab, Long Bed)
$30,005* (1500 HD 4x2 Crew Cab, Short Bed)
$21,505* (1500 4x4 Regular Cab, Short Bed)
$21,805* (1500 4x4 Regular Cab, Long Bed)
$26,855* (1500 4x4 Extended Cab, Short Bed)
$27,955* (1500 4x4 Extended Cab, Long Bed)
$33,455* (1500 HD 4x4 Crew Cab, Short Bed)
Add $790 destination charge.
*Prices are base prices.

Four engines are available for the Silverado

4.3-liter OHV Vortec® V6 with sequential fuel injection.
200hp @ 4600
260ft-lbs. @ 2800

4.8-liter OHV Vortec® V8 with sequential fuel injection.
275hp @ 5200
285ft-lbs. @ 4000

5.3-liter OHV Vortec® V8 with sequential fuel injection.
285hp @ 5200
325ft-lbs. @ 4000

6.0-liter OHV Vortec® V8 with sequential fuel injection.
300hp @ 4400
360ft-lbs. @ 4000

Four transmission choices exist for the Silverado Lineup:

MG5(NV3500) Five-speed manual for 1500 models

MW3(NV4500) Five-speed manual 2500 models

M30( 4L60-E) Four-speed automatic for 1500 models

MT1( 4L80-E) Four-speed automatic for 2500 models

MPG (city / highway):
4.3-liter: 16 / 21
4.8-liter: 16 / 20
5.3-liter: 15 / 19
6.0-liter: N/A

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The Chevrolet Silverado full-size pickup - GM's best-selling vehicle - continues to set new standards for performance and capability in 2003. Bold new exterior design only hints at Silverado's more than 40 new features/enhancements, ranging from expanded availability of the Quadrasteer four-wheel steering system and a hot new Silverado SS to the segment's first-ever Bose audio systems.

The Quadrasteer four-wheel-steering system - which offers low-speed maneuverability and high-speed stability, handling and control that are ideal for pulling a trailer - was introduced on 2002 Silverado extended-cab short-box pickups. For 2003, the 1500HD short-box pickups become the industry's first full-size crew cabs to offer this revolutionary system.

At low speeds, Quadrasteer enables the rear wheels to turn in the opposite direction of the front wheels. That helps the vehicle make tighter turns, such as when cornering or getting into a tight parking space. The turning diameter of 1500HD models is reduced 21 percent, from 49.6 feet to 37.4 feet.

Exterior Design:
The 2003 Silverado receives an expressive new front-end design. The look shares a strong family resemblance with other Chevy trucks such as TrailBlazer and Avalanche, yet strongly differentiates Silverado from anything else on the road. The hood evokes Chevy power and strength, and the grille is smoothly integrated into the front end. The bumper offers larger, recessed fog lamps, while the front and rear fenders feature crisp lines and angular wheel openings. New body-side moldings add protection, and restyled taillamps complete the design. Two new exterior colors - Dark Gray Metallic and Arrival Blue - are also available.

Interior Design:
Impressive new entertainment systems on all models - from available Bose sound systems to a Panasonic DVD Passenger Entertainment System that includes a DVD player with a flip-down screen for Crew Cab models - add to Silverado's creature comforts. These systems (except the base fleet radio) feature the next-generation Radio Data System, and can interface with services such as the new optional XM Satellite Radio. On Crew Cab models, available rear-seat audio controls allow second-row passengers to enjoy a separate audio source from front-seat occupants.

The 2003 Silverado also offers XM Satellite Radio as an option. XM Radio features 100 coast-to-coast digital channels, including 71 music channels (more than 30 of them commercial free) from hip hop to opera, classical to country, bluegrass to blues and 29 channels of sports, talk, children's and entertainment programming. XM also brings to the car, for the first time on radio, a diverse selection of 24-hour news sources previously available only in the home. XM's next-generation sound-quality technology provides superior sound remarkably close to compact disc.

Additional new safety enhancements for 2003 include a passenger-sensing system and dual-level air bags. The passenger-sensing air-bag system automatically deactivates the passenger-side air bag under certain conditions to protect children. The system assesses whether the occupant in the seat is an adult or child, based on the measured weight in the seat cushion and tension in the belt system, if any. If these measurements are typical for a child, the air bag is disabled. If they are typical for an adult, the air bag is enabled.

A dual-level air-bag system (not available on 1500HD Crew Cab and 2500HD and 3500 Series models) is a supplemental restraint system designed to detect vehicle deceleration and, based on the deceleration data, provides an appropriate amount of air-bag inflation.

A new dual-zone heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, available with both manual and automatic climate control, provides outstanding comfort. Dual-zone controls allow the driver and front passenger to adjust the temperature to their own comfort levels - as much as a 30-degree Fahrenheit difference between the two front zones. The optional automatic system automatically controls air delivery, fan speed, temperature and recirculating/outside air to provide faster warmups and cooldowns.

Redesigned seats and center console enhance Silverado's interior look. Dark Charcoal Gray is a new interior color.

Silverado features an impressive Vortec gasoline engine lineup - Vortec 4300 V6, Vortec 4800 V8, Vortec 5300 V8 and Vortec 6000 V8 - ranging from 200 hp to 300 hp. Payload capacities range from 1,593 to 3,224 pounds, and Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings extend from 6,100 to 8,600 pounds.

The Silverado 1500HD has the strength of a three-quarter-ton model frame, plus a crew cab's four full doors. The 1500HD has a standard 300 hp Vortec 6000 V8 engine with a gross combination weight rating of 16,000 pounds, and a payload of as much as 3,143 pounds. Maximum trailer weight is 10,300 pounds.