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Of course, the Silverado SS, with its extended cab, also weighs around 600 pounds more than either truck. In fact, it's probably closest to the supercharged 2002 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson Edition Super Crew when it comes to configuration and performance.

When it comes to towing, if that's what you think you will be doing with your SS, the 7500 pound capable Silverado outdoes the Lightning by 2500 pounds with its Z82 heavy duty trailering package, though it only beats the Lightning by 90 pounds in payload at 1490 pounds. There are no official figures for the SRT-10 but we estimate it to be capable of hauling a 10,000 pound trailer.

Second Opinion: A Truck that Rocks, Rolls and Hauls
By: Tom Keefe

If you were waiting for Chevrolet to come up with a Ford SVT F-150 Lightning fighter you might be a little disappointed with the new Chevrolet SS, due early next year as 2003 model. After all, on paper the Chevrolet SS is missing so much of what the Lightning has.

Ford Lightning Wins:
1. Super Charger with 8 PSI of Boost
2. Horse Power 380 @ 4750 RPM
3. Torque 450 Pound Feet
4. Pure unadulterated speed under 14 seconds ¼ mile and 140+ MPH top speed
5. Unmistakable SVT Lightning looks

What more could anyone want than what the SVT Lightning offers?

If you go shopping for a killer truck like the Ford Lightning, you have to make a few compromises. Now don't start shooting at me you Ford guys. I seriously considered the Lightning even though I needed room for 4 people. The deciding factor for me was towing capacity. With 5000 pound towing capacity and 800 pound payload (2002 specs) the Lightning is just barely a pickup. I needed more capacity as well as performance.

I was ready to go buy a ¾ ton something and then buy a sports car to drive when I wanted have some fun. Nevertheless, I am a truck kind of guy. Then I heard about the new Chevrolet SS. I thought Chevy would follow Ford and build a regular cab. If they built a bigger cab like a Crew or Extended Cab, then they would just hang a bunch of cladding on the side and call it an SS.

The 2003 Chevrolet SS is a truck that reminds me of the days gone by and I look forward to many enjoyable weekends making this SS my SS. I don't want to give my age away but I remember going to the dealer and buying a vehicle that needed all my attention to finally become mine. In addition, that's my definition of fun when you can find a vehicle that when you walk away you stop turn around look at your pride and joy and say that is mine.

Well call me any name you want but I love this truck. When I was afforded the opportunity to see Chevrolets newest SS… all I can say is I like the Extended Cab though I would have preferred a Crew Cab I am happy with the shorter Extended Cab 143.5 inch wheelbase. In my opinion, the Chevrolet extended has the most useable back seat. I would not sacrifice bed length for a Crew Cab as I need the extra bed length and with SS's 7500 pound towing capacity and a 1400 payload capacity, who knows a new Fifth Wheel trailer could replace the boat or better yet get a slip for the boat near a campground.

Moreover, if I want pure speed I can buy some of that for my New SS for a lot less than buying a different truck to tow my trailer and one to drive for pleasure while not towing. I admit that I want both in the same truck. Now thanks to the good folks at Chevrolet I can have both trucks in one.

1. More cab space. Like a 2+2 sports car, I have to carry 4 people and granted two of them don't need a bunch of room but they do need seat belts.
2. I need to tow a 7000-pound trailer.
3. At least 1400-pounds of payload
4. I like to go skiing and drive up in the mountains when the roads are not cleared.
5. I do like to drive off road on some of the fire roads no pavement.
6. Sporty Styling

Shopping List

1. Super Charger now I need to do some research on this maybe you all could help me figure out which one is the best.
2. I like the wheels but I could use some ideas on different wheels
3. I need to change the exhaust system better fuel economy you know hehehe
4. Should I get XM radio for those long trips
5. Fifth wheel trailer that will work with a 6.5 foot bed
6. Does anyone know about a SS boat?
7. Custom paint job

I like this new SS from Chevrolet. I wish it was here already.

The rest of the Silverado SS is quite a nice package.

The exterior is probably the best execution to date of Chevrolet truck's new Avalanche inspired look. It's quite aggressive and clean with "SS" badges on the tailgate and front doors. Available in three colors (onyx black, victory red and arrival blue), the SS wears a monochromatic paintjob that extends to the power bar grille and ground effects. In the lower front fascia, the SS includes some styling cues taken directly from the 2000 Silverado SS concept truck. The 20" 5 spoke aluminum wheels are well done and distinctive. It's a shame the photographs don't do them justice.

The leather trimmed interior is top of the line with the same mid-cycle enhancements as the rest of the 2003 Silverado lineup. Extras include "SS" emblems embroidered into the seat headrests and an "SS" logo on the dash. The IP gauges are clean and easy to read with black on white lettering and white backlighting at night. Though you can order an SS with a single CD/cassette player audio system, you would be foolish to pass up the optional Bose stereo with its XM Radio capabilities. The fidelity and choice of music are head and shoulders above whatever has been offered before in a pickup.

Though pricing was not announced we estimate it will be right around $38,000, arriving at dealerships in the first quarter of 2003.

Overall the SS probably isn't the breakthrough performance truck that some might have been expecting but sources are already starting to reveal that this is just the beginning. Expect to see improvements made to this truck each year, including substantial power upgrades and a possible 6-speed manual transmission.

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