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All the rest is new and that's a very good thing, though it's unlikely anyone is going to want to mount a replica of the instrument panel on their rec room wall because it's like art. Worker-like is a better description, though the fit and finish are better than that.

The HVAC knobs are below the stereo controls, which was God's original plan when She created the pickup, but they are a little low on the centre console for our taste.

The real problem with the interior of the pickups is the fact that it really is ''the'' interior. It's a pity that GM didn't invest a little more to differentiate the two, to meet a wider taste range in the buyer base.

Some people will also wish that GM had given the interiors more overhead storage and generally made the thing feel a little funkier. Sticking with worker-like doesn't speak to the sense of fun and freedom that most personal use buyers want in a compact pickup. You can always after-market the boredom away, or maybe GM will fix it in the inevitable redo in a couple of years.

The company has been surprisingly responsive to other suggestions we've made regarding gauge visibility and ride smoothness, so maybe they'll do something on this front, too.

By the time your eyes and hands have registered the interior quality, your elbows and head and knees will be appreciating the increased space, but especially the wider part. It's hard to imagine anyone who won't enjoy and make use of the greater interior volume, and it makes the Colorado/Canyon accessible to a larger audience, and we mean that in both senses of the word. Larger people will be able to fit more comfortably in the new trucks, and that definition embraces a larger segment of the market.

It takes as long to appreciate the improved stiffness of the new architecture (GM says it's 250 percent more rigid) as it takes to encounter the first bump or depression or railroad track. Colorado and Canyon float across those types of things with barely a ripple disturbing your karma or your coffee. They're also a lot quieter than the old models, which allows you to enjoy the ever-expanding universe of sound systems, including GM's XM radio system, which delivers a wide-range of commercial-free music at a small cost.

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