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2005 Honda Pickup
By: Michael LevinePosted: 07-17-03 18:00
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Even large corporations can bow to peer pressure, especially when there are potentially huge profits to be made. Following on the heels of Toyota and Nissan, expect to see Honda offer a pickup for the 2005 model year.

While this isn't quite as soon as predicted earlier, the rumors and whispers about this truck are still pretty much the same as when we first talked about them a year and a half ago, but a few new twists have emerged.

The 2005 Honda pickup will likely be based on the successful mid-size underpinnings that serves as the platform for the Honda Odyssey, Honda Pilot and Acura MDX. What's unique about this choice is that Honda will use unibody construction, deviating from traditional body-on-frame design used in today's pickups.

But while its manufacturing may break new ground, its styling won't. Accounts from sources describe it as, "looking like a rugged Pilot" with four full-size doors and a shortened bed. Access to the cab is also expected to include an Avalanche-like "Midgate".

Since Honda doesn't have a V8 engine in its lineup, and it's doubtful it would create one for just this vehicle, expect to see the same Honda SOHC V6 used in the Pilot show up in this truck. This could change if Acura produces a long-rumored V8 for its RL luxury car.

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