Spied! 2004 Toyota Tundra Crew Cab
By: Michael Levine, Brenda Priddy
Photography © Brenda Priddy & Associates / PickupTruck.com, 2002
Posted: 08-27-02 22:00 Last Updated: 08-30-02 20:00

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Update: Toyota sources are saying the Tundra Crew Cab will arrive in time for the 2004 model year, not 2005 as originally reported. Apologies for any confusion this may have caused. - Mike

Spied during hot weather testing, this heavily camouflaged Toyota Tundra test 'mule' provides a pretty clear shot of the upcoming crew cab model, a sorely needed addition to the Tundra lineup.

There are quite a few interesting items that show up in the picture, some possibly shared with the Toyota Sequoia SUV, including:

- New pull door handles, replacing the current lift-up handles
- Revised front grille and lower bumper with improved breathability
- Rounded rear cab, similar to the Ford Explorer Sport Trac
- The truck appears slightly taller and wider than the current Tundra

We could be wrong about the increased height and width. The driver appears to be only about 5' 7" tall, skewing our perceptions.

You will note the bed is quite a bit lower on the truck relative to the line of the window sill. It's most likely not the production bed but instead has been cobbled together either from an existing Toyota product or competitor with similar dimensions to the crew cab. Note the rippled tape covering the bed over the rear wheel.

The 'sail' behind the crew cab appears to be deliberately deceptive and nothing like it is expected for the production truck.

Toyota sources indicate that the crew cab Tundra will debut as a 2004 model year truck. This all but confirms this truck will be built on the existing Tundra chassis. An all new Tundra replacement is still expected for the 2006 model year.

Reaching even farther to speculate, this crew cab could possibly spawn a Lexus variant to compete with the Cadillac EXT. There appear to be some similarities to the new GX 470 SUV in the rear door lines.

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