Livin' Large: 2006 Dodge Ram Mega Cab
By: Mike Magda, Editor Posted: 02-09-05 21:01 PT
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Continuing a trend in which there doesn’t appear to be any limit to the size of a pickup truck, Dodge unveiled its new Ram Mega Cab at the Chicago Auto Show.

In making the announcement, Dodge said it can boast superiority in the following categories:

  • Largest, longest cab
  • Largest interior volume
  • Largest cargo volume behind rear seat
  • Largest flat floor load area
  • Largest second-row leg room
  • Largest rear door opening and opening angle

Working in the “class-leading” superlative as often as possible when describing the truck, Dodge is targeting consumers who really need and use additional seating comfort and interior storage as well as those who simply shop by numbers. And they are numbers tough to ignore.

The Mega Cab will be offered across the Ram lineup, from the 1500 series with the Hemi engine up to the 3500 series with the 5.9-liter Cummins turbo diesel. It comes in just the 160.5-inch wheelbase with the 6-foot-3-inch cargo box. The notable absence in the Mega Cab lineup is the 3500 dually. The 3500 dually is built only with an 8-foot cargo box and Dodge declined to adapt the dual rear wheels to a short box.

“Our heart of the market right now in heavy duty is the short box,” says Brad Pinter, Dodge Ram brand manager. “So we’re going after the heart.”

The Mega Cab is based on a 2500 chassis, so the 1500 will have some of the top numbers of any light-duty pickup, including an 8510-pound GVWR and payload range of 1860 to 2410 pounds. The 1500 Mega Cab 4x2 will weigh over 1000 pounds more than a standard Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4x2.

Dodge says the crew cab market is the fastest growing segment in pickup trucks, and the mass of that customer base is in light duty. So the company is putting a 1500 badge on the heavy-duty chassis with no special distinction other than touting the big numbers.

“What we have to offer for the light-duty customer is giving them best payload and towing capability and now interior room,” says Pinter. “There’s a tremendous amount of opportunity in the light-duty crew cab sector.”

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