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The upside to the SuperCab, of course, is the longer bed that can accommodate more cargo. Toting a custom Harley in the bed still requires a lowered tailgate, but there’s additional clearance for longer models. Chrome tie-downs and a rubber mat with the Harley logo accent the bed.

The interior is dressed in black aniline leather and trimmed with plenty of chrome. The captains chairs up front sports a die-cast Harley logo embedded in the leather. Piano Black surfaces on the center stack and door panels are flanked by logo-patterned graphic treatments. Chromed-ringed gauges and HVAC vents add to the custom accents throughout the interior. For those keeping score, a serialized nickel plate boasts the truck’s production date and number. Power sliding rear window and power adjustable pedals made our truck easier to bond with. Other interior amenities on our test vehicle that were highly appreciated included heated seats, satellite radio, power moonroof and reverse-sensing system.

Our test vehicle had the all-wheel-drive option. In AWD, the system monitors wheel speed and throttle position to determine the amount of power sent to the front wheels. By selecting the locked mode, the truck runs in 4WD full time. The H-D is also available in 2-wheel-drive. Price difference is about $3,500.

In front of the transfer case is a 4-speed automatic and 5.4-liter V8 engine. Rated at 300 horsepower with 365 lb-ft of peak torque, the powertrain is capable of giving the H-D a towing capacity of 8600 pounds. Payload rating is 1460 pounds. With a curb weight just under 5,700 pounds and 3.73:1 rear gears, the F-150 Harley isn’t exactly a speed demon. Acceleration is adequate but hardly spirited. One certainly longs for previous H-D models that were supercharged and weighed about 700 or 800 pounds less. Engineers did give the engine a meaner exhaust note.

The sport-tuned suspension is pleasant enough for most driving situations but don’t expect to carve any canyons and keep up with an aging Lightning. The new Ford platform is heavy, regardless of the increased frame stiffness that minimizes shake and shudder. Much of the riding-comfort equation can be attributed to the improved seats and excellent feel of the leather. On the positive side, the truck is very quiet, a compliment often given to the new generation F-150 platform.

Last year PUTC interviewed Willie G. Davidson about the challenges of coming up with new ideas for the Harley-Davidson edition. He praised the teams from Harley and Ford that he works with but never said it was easy. This edition doesn’t have the surprise element of the first edition. The next three years of the SuperCrew Harley models were highlighted by the 2003 anniversary edition (both Harley and Ford celebrated their 100th birthdays). With a supercharged engine and beautiful black/silver two-tone paint job, it was a stunning tribute for both companies. The Super Duty model has morphed into a cross between the Harley and King Ranch and is more of a cosmetic package. There are no performance upgrades with the Super Duty Harley. Hopefully the 2006 H-D is a stepping stone to a more dramatic edition for the future. With the absence of the SVT Lightning, the Harley team has a greater opportunity to take the F-150 to a much higher level than what is available now.

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