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The 2007 Chevrolet Silverado is offered in a range of 2500HD (three-quarter-ton) and 3500HD (one-ton) models, reaffirming GM’s nearly 100-year legacy of building heavy-duty trucks. The 2007 models offer unprecedented levels of performance, capability and refinement. Silverado is available in WT, LT and LTZ trim.

The range of configurations – three cab styles, three cargo box styles and five wheelbase lengths – delivers tremendous choice. Some full-size truck manufacturers do not even offer three-quarter-ton or one-ton heavy-duty trucks. And among those that do, the 2007 Silverado offers many segment-best capabilities, including 18,500-pound gross combined vehicle weight rating for vehicles with a gas V8 and a 13,000-pound conventional trailer weight rating enabled by a larger-capacity trailer hitch platform. Maximum towing capacity is 16,700 pounds, when equipped with a fifth-wheel hitch.

In its exterior appearance, Silverado has a wide and tall dual-port grille, with a prominent gold bow tie emblem at the center. Large, reflector-optic headlamps and corner lights wrap around the front end and flow into flared front fenders, enhancing the truck’s broad stance. The fender flares have a chiseled, squared-off appearance and complement the strong power dome hood design.

The truck's door handles feature large, grab-style designs that are easy to open with gloves. Other details also enhance the strong appearance and functionality includes larger front recovery hooks. A faster, 57-degree windshield angle reduces wind noise and improves fuel efficiency.

The Silverado is refined looking, too, with doors that extend over the rockers for a smooth, uninterrupted look, and lamps that have a jeweled appearance. Tolerances between panels are greatly reduced – including a 50-percent reduction in the space between the cab and cargo box.

Silverado is offered in regular, extended and crew cab configurations, which are complemented with standard (6-foot 6-inch) and long (8-foot) cargo box lengths. Silverado 3500HD is available with the Dually dual rear wheel configuration on a long (8-foot) box. New features, such as 170-degree-opening rear access doors with fully retractable power windows on extended cab models, offer increased versatility.

The pickup boxes have been redesigned with enhanced versatility, increased strength and greater capacity. A one-piece wheelhouse and inner box side add strength and a smoother, more integrated appearance. The boxes are 1.18 inches deeper in the front and 1.57 inches deeper at the rear, with stronger inner walls that offer improved performance when fitted with ladder racks, tool boxes and other accessories. Cargo bed volume is 60.7 cubic feet with the regular box and 75.5 cubic feet with the long box.

Dually cargo boxes are made of all steel, including new, hydroformed sheet metal outer fenders. They have a smooth, integrated appearance and enhanced strength. All Dually models feature marker lights on the fenders and new, sleek cab roof lights that are aerodynamically integrated into the top of the cab.

New tailgate designs include a lock and an available EZ Lift feature, with torque-rod assist. Despite being larger than previous models, the new tailgates are easier to use, thanks to revised construction that reduces overall mass. The tailgates are easily removed by simply opening to 45 degrees and pulling straight out and away from the vehicle.

A new, innovative cargo management system is available on all Silverado models and is complemented by a range of dealer-ordered accessory packages. Three rails that run the length of the box sides and the forward box wall are secured with high-strength anchors and, unlike competitors’ systems, incorporate upper and lower tracks. Four adjustable tie-down brackets are included with each system and can be located anywhere on the tracks, each rated for a load point of 500 pounds.

A new, Gen-IV 6.0L gasoline V8 engine with variable valve timing and an enhanced, more powerful version of the Duramax 6.6L turbo-diesel are the engine choices for the Silverado 2500HD and 3500HD models. Both engines offer segment-leading power and torque ratings. The gas engine is backed by a new, Hydra-Matic 6L90 six-speed automatic transmission, which features grade braking capability. Duramax-powered trucks are backed by the reknown six-speed Allison 1000 automatic transmission.

The standard engine is the new, 6.0L gas V8. It is rated at a best-in-class 353 horsepower and 373 lb.-ft. of torque on single rear wheel configurations.* Variable valve timing helps improve performance and fuel economy. A new, Hydra-Matic 6L90 six-speed automatic transmission is paired with the engine. This powertrain combination offers a higher maximum gross combined weight rating (GCWR) – 18,500 pounds – than previous gas-powered combinations and is the segment leader for vehicles with a small-block V8 gas engine. The 6L90 has a wide, 6.04:1 overall ratio – including two overdrive gears – that helps deliver an excellent balance of performance and fuel economy. It also offers manual range selection and tap up/tap down control.

A cleaner, more powerful Duramax 6.6L turbo-diesel engine is available. It continues to lead the segment in power and torque, with power ratings increased to 365 horsepower and 660 lb.-ft. of torque. Upgrades to the engine and a new diesel particulate filter system help provide a 90-percent reduction in particulate matter and a 50-percent reduction in NOx (compared with current standards), meeting a new federal government mandate. All diesel manufacturers are required to meet the new emissions standard, starting in calendar year 2007.

The renowned Allison 1000 six-speed automatic transmission is partnered with the Duramax 6.6L turbo-diesel engine. It delivers good fuel economy, quietness and control. It features a class-first range selection function, which allows the driver to easily select the desired gears to match driving conditions, such as towing a trailer on a steep grade.

New luxury-inspired premium interiors are standard on Silverado LTZ and Sierra SLT. They offer richly appointed features, including a distinct instrument panel design, large-capacity center console, specific door panels, seats and other trim elements. Features on the premium interiors include power-adjustable heated bucket seats, leather surface seats, leather-covered steering wheel and selective chrome trim.

Spaciousness in each interior trim level is enhanced with new, “low and forward” instrument panels that provide a more airy feel to the cabin as well as a panoramic field of vision. The instrument panels are mounted approximately 3.5 inches down and forward on the pure pickup interiors, while the premium interior instrument panel is located 5 inches down and forward. Both instrument panel designs are integrated into their specific door panels to create a swept appearance.

The spacious interior and enhanced field of vision create an environment that enables better outward vision. Legroom, headroom and hip room also have increased. The recline angle and fore/aft travel of the front seat have been increased.

All interiors are refined and craftsmanship is highlighted by flush surfaces, tight gaps and tolerances on the instrument panel, center stack, clusters and other components. Most gaps on the instrument panels and clusters have been narrowed to 0.5 mm or less. Attention to detail was given to concealing fasteners and metal structural components of all seats. There is no exposed hardware in the interior or door sills. New, soft-touch and low-gloss finishes for the instrument panels and other trim pieces are used throughout. The color and grain of the materials were carefully selected to provide a premium look. Sculpted headliners of new woven fabric and door trim, as well as sculpted seat backs, enhance the perception of precision in the new interiors.

Complementing the interiors’ finely crafted look and feel is segment-leading quietness. All trim levels – even base work truck models – benefit from a comprehensive system that delivers a passenger environment almost devoid of noise. This is achieved with the use of strategically placed sound-deadening and sound-absorbing material in the body structure – including liquid-applied dampener on the floor and front-of-dash – as well as the inherent, vibration-minimizing traits of the stiffer frame and quieter attributes of the aerodynamically tuned exterior. Also, improved door sealing and a doors-over-rockers design help eliminate road and wind noise.




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Silverado HD 2500
Silverado HD 3500

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Retail Price:
2500 Work Truck
$23,675 (4x2 Reg Cab)
$26,575 (4x2 Ext Cab)
$26,870 (4x2 Ext Cab LB)
$27,850 (4x2 Crew Cab)
$28,145 (4x2 Crew Cab LB)

3500 Work Truck
$27,885 (4x2 Ext Cab)
$28,345 (4x2 Ext Cab Dually)
$29,075 (4x2 Crew Cab)
$29,230 (4x2 Crew Cab Dually)

2500 LT1
$27,218 (4x2 Reg Cab)
$29,570 (4x2 Ext Cab)
$29,865 (4x2 Ext Cab LB)
$31,645 (4x2 Crew Cab)
$31,940 (4x2 Crew Cab LB)

3500 LT1
$30,430 (4x2 Ext Cab)
$30,890 (4x2 Ext Cab Dually)
$31,480 (4x2 Crew Cab)
$33,100 (4x2 Crew Cab Dually)

2500 LT2
$31,350 (4x2 Ext Cab)
$31,645 (4x2 Ext Cab LB)
$33,340 (4x2 Crew Cab)
$33,635 (4x2 Crew Cab LB)

3500 LT2
$32,260 (4x2 Ext Cab)
$32,470 (4x2 Ext Cab Dually)
$33,310 (4x2 Crew Cab)
$34,290 (4x2 Crew Cab Dually)

2500 LTZ
$34,495 (4x2 Ext Cab)
$31,790 (4x2 Ext Cab LB)
$36,485 (4x2 Crew Cab)
$36,780 (4x2 Crew Cab)

3500 LTZ
$35,020 (4x2 Ext Cab)
$35,470 (4x2 Ext Cab Dually)
$36,110 (4x2 Crew Cab)
$37,010 (4x2 Crew Cab Dually)

2500 Work Truck
$26,775 (4x4 Reg Cab)
$29,675 (4x4 Ext Cab)
$29,970 (4x4 Ext Cab LB)
$30,950 (4x4 Crew Cab)
$31,245 (4x4 Crew Cab LB)

3500 Work Truck
$27,660 (4x4 Reg Cab LB)
$28,080 (4x4 Reg Cab LB Dually)
$30,985 (4x4 Ext Cab)
$31,445 (4x4 Ext Cab Dually)
$32,175 (4x4 Crew Cab)
$32,330 (4x4 Crew Cab Dually)

2500 LT1
$30,318 (4x4 Reg Cab)
$32,670 (4x4 Ext Cab)
$32,965 (4x4 Ext Cab LB)
$34,745 (4x4 Crew Cab)
$35,040 (4x4 Crew Cab LB)

3500 LT1
$30,925 (4x4 Reg Cab LB)
$31,625 (4x4 Reg Cab LB Dually)
$33,530 (4x4 Ext Cab)
$33,990 (4x4 Ext Cab Dually)
$34,580 (4x4 Crew Cab)
$36,200 (4x4 Crew Cab Dually)

2500 LT2
$34,450 (4x4 Ext Cab)
$34,745 (4x4 Ext Cab LB)
$36,440 (4x4 Crew Cab)
$36,735 (4x4 Crew Cab LB)

3500 LT2
$35,360 (4x4 Ext Cab)
$35,570 (4x4 Ext Cab Dually)
$36,410 (4x4 Crew Cab)
$37,390 (4x4 Crew Cab Dually)

2500 LTZ
$37,595 (4x4 Ext Cab)
$37,890 (4x4 Ext Cab LB)
$39,585 (4x4 Crew Cab)
$39,880 (4x4 Crew Cab)

3500 LTZ
$38,125 (4x4 Ext Cab)
$38,245 (4x4 Ext Cab Dually)
$39,210 (4x4 Crew Cab)
$40,110 (4x4 Crew Cab Dually)

Add $900 destination charge


6.0-liter 8-cylinder Gas
353 hp
373 lb-ft
@5400 rpm
@4400 rpm
6.6-liter 8-cylinder Diesel
365 hp
660 lb-ft
@3200 rpm
@1600 rpm

- Six-speed automatic (gas)
- Six-speed automatic (diesel)

Fuel Economy:

6.0-Liter V8
6.6-Liter Diesel

NHTSA Safey Ratings:
- NA

IIHS Safey Ratings:
- NA



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