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Ford F-Series Super Duty, the industry’s leading heavy-duty work truck and a mainstay of businesses throughout America, has been overhauled for the 2008 model year. Ford’s Super Duty pickup has been the leader in the over 8,500-pound truck segment since launch, offering best-in-class payload, gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR) and trailer tow ratings.

Offered in three cab styles – Regular Cab, SuperCab and Crew Cab – and with two bed lengths, the new Super Duty will feature a bold look inside and out, an all-new, more powerful, state-of-the-art Power Stroke ® Diesel and a host of unique, innovative features not found on any other truck. And the line of Ford Super Duty trucks has been expanded for 2008, with an even more capable workhorse: the new F-450 pickup.

The 2007 F-350 Super Duty already offered best-in-class maximum payload of 5,800 pounds and maximum towing capacity of 19,200 pounds. The new 2008 F-450 pickup widens the capability gap, offering a maximum payload of more than 6,000 pounds and towing capacity of more than 24,000 pounds – a 5,000-pound increase over the class-leading F-350. All of this added capability comes with the same increased level of refinement found in the new F-250 and F-350.

A more powerful 6.4-liter Power Stroke ® Diesel joins a powertrain lineup that already includes the segment’s most powerful gasoline engine, the 362-horsepower 6.8-liter V-10 Triton.

Annual U.S. diesel truck registrations have increased to more than 500,000 a year from about 400,000 in 2001. Ford has long been the industry leader, selling 1.3 million diesel-powered F-Series pickups in the United States since 2001 alone. Ford sells more diesel-powered pickup trucks annually than Chevrolet and Dodge combined. Nearly three-quarters of all Ford Super Duty trucks sold are diesel-powered.

The 6.4-liter Power Stroke Diesel delivers 350 horsepower at 3,000 rpm and 650 lb.-ft. of torque starting at 2,000 rpm and utilizes Ford Clean Diesel Technology, which includes, among other features, a high-pressure, common rail fuel system, Piezo-electric fuel injectors and an advanced diesel particulate filter system to deliver strong performance while reducing particulate output by more than 90 percent and posting emissions numbers on par with gasoline engines.

High-tech, series sequential turbochargers provide improved response and better low-end performance. The unique system uses a small, electronically controlled, smart remote variable geometry turbocharger that comes on at low rpm to provide extra boost at take-off. As rpms increase, the larger fixed turbo joins the smaller turbo to boost power through the middle of the torque curve. As optimum speed is reached, the larger turbo takes over. Tests have shown zero-to-60 times of more than a second faster than the outgoing 6.0-liter.

Transmission choices include a six-speed manual with overdrive or a TorqShift five-speed automatic. The powertrains use a new unique mounting system that better isolates the powertrain and reduces vibration. Both two- and four-wheel-drive models will be available on the 2008 Super Duty.

The all-new interior builds on the successful tough luxury design established by the Ford F-150 and advanced for Super Duty

The sharp, modern design features all-new materials and includes luxury touches like contrast stitching on the seats and rich, Chaparral leather on the King Ranch. Like the exterior, Super Duty’s interior was designed to be functional and capable while still delivering a high level of quality and craftsmanship with a luxurious look.

Designers combined rich surfaces with elements borrowed from high-end power tools and butcher block-style wood accents to define the tough-luxury interior.

The prominent center stack houses most of the vehicle’s switches, integrating all functions into one easy-to-reach central area. The auxiliary switches and Trailer Brake Control system are now fully integrated into the center stack for a cleaner, user-friendly appearance.

The rings surrounding the gauges and air vents are notched, more angular and defined. The gauges are also better organized and easier to read. All-new door trim features dual map pockets that are better integrated into the interior. A large center console is designed to hold file folders and keep laptop computers tucked out of sight.

Super Duty utilizes several innovative technologies to provide an ultra-quiet cabin. Quiet Steel, a unique composite laminated steel sheet, makes up the vehicle’s dash panel and works with extra sound padding in the dash and floor, a rear bulkhead panel and thicker side glass to help keep unwanted noise out of the cabin.

A totally redesigned climate control system has more balanced airflow and refined, quieter operation that improves cabin comfort. The system uses a more reliable, more durable, higher capacity compressor, one of the many components that contribute to the better performance of the A/C system. Floor ducts for the heater now run under the seat, out of site of the rear-seat passengers.

Dual-zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (EATC) has been added as a standard feature on the Lariat and King Ranch for 2008, allowing the driver and front passenger to set individual temperatures. Diesel customers can opt for the innovative Rapid Heat supplemental heating system – the first of its kind in North America – that augments the diesel truck’s heater to provide faster warm-up on cold mornings.

Super Duty designers have delivered a truck that makes a bold design statement by emphasizing Super Duty’s increased capability. The larger, more prominent grille, sharply sculpted fender flares and fender-mounted air vents are just a few of the new design cues that announce that Super Duty is all about working hard.

Super Duty’s impressive, larger grille not only makes a bold statement, but also helps improve cooling, which in turn improves, among other things, trailer towing capability.

The grille sits on a horizontal cut line that defines the top of the bumper and also serves as a base for the stacked headlamps, delivering a clean, tight and more refined look. The step pad on the front bumper is specifically textured and designed for the customers who use the bumper while servicing the truck

The distinctive dropped beltline, a Ford truck design cue, improves visibility and carries the eye rearward to the revised tailgate, with the Lift-Assist System now standard across the model range, and the Ford oval mounted front-and-center, flanked by redesigned tail lamps. A deeper rear bumper helps to balance the design while providing easier access to the bed.

Five all-new wheel designs including standard 18-in. premium chromed steel wheels on Lariat and 20-in. premium polished forged aluminum wheels join a list of 10 wheel options across the line-up.

Along with XLT, Lariat and high-line King Ranch models, the 2008 Super Duty now offers an FX4 model available on 4x4 SuperCab and Crew Cab. The FX4 includes skid plates, Rancho branded dampers, a special body-color billet-style grille and many other features. The FX4 is available in five colors including a new Dark Blue Pearl Clearcoat Metallic (also new for King Ranch) over Shadow Grey Clearcoat Metallic. Forest Green Clearcoat Metallic replaces Forest Green Satin Clearcoat Metallic and a brighter, richer Pueblo Gold Clearcoat Metallic replaces Arizona Beige Clearcoat Metallic as the lower color on XLT, Lariat and King Ranch two-tone models.

An optional Tailgate Step and the two-piece stowable bed extender provide customers with the convenience of using these systems when they need them, but at the same time not requiring the removal of the systems when they are not in use.

The Tailgate Step is fully integrated into the tailgate and virtually invisible when not in use – the entire feature is housed in the tailgate with the lower step becoming the center of the top rail of the tailgate when not in use. To use the step, simply drop the tailgate into the down position, grab the bottom step, pull it straight out from the tailgate and drop it down into the step position – all in one easy motion. The 16.7 by 4.5-inch flip-down step pad makes it easy to step up into or down out of the bed to load or unload cargo.

Industry-exclusive power-fold and power-telescoping side mirrors combine improved functionality with a design that has been toughened to match the Super Duty’s good looks. The large mirrors extend outward up to 2.75 inches and feature a power-adjustable main mirror with a manually adjusted spotter mirror that is more than double the size of the previous generation, greatly improving visibility. The mirrors telescope or fold at the touch of a switch mounted to the windowsill and are integrated into the vehicle’s seat-position and pedal-memory system. The mirrors also feature heated glass, clearance lamps and integrated turn signals.

Every 2008 Super Duty frame now has a new front stub designed with safety in mind. By lowering the frame horns seven inches at the front, the new frame meets vehicle compatibility standards without the need for add-on components. The new design also improves cooling and provides a solid foundation for the hydroformed body structure. Every Super Duty frame is e-coated for improved corrosion resistance.

The newly designed leaf-spring rear suspension delivers superior ride and handling in all load situations. The eight-inch longer springs attach farther forward on the frame giving the vehicle more balance and better control. New damper tuning further improves Super Duty’s confident feel on the road.

The Super Duty is the first truck in the industry to use a high-strength steel front body structure. The patented structure, made up of two side rails that are welded to the bulkhead and frame, not only serves to create a very rigid foundation, the system’s modular construction eases assembly and delivers higher quality and better fit and finish.

The revised frame and front-end structure enables a Front Gross Axle Weight Rating (FGAWR) increase to 5,250 pounds on 4x2 F-250 and F-350 trucks. A 12.5K trailer hitch is now standard on F-250/350 SRW and some F-350 DRWs. A 15K hitch is standard on most F-350 DRWs and all F-450 pickup models receive a 16K hitch.

Ford’s available TowCommand System still includes the industry’s first factory-installed and warranted electronic trailer brake controller, offering smoother operation and safety features. This includes a special trailer brake strategy for when the truck’s anti-lock braking system detects poor traction. No aftermarket trailer brake controller can provide this.

Ford’s TowCommand System also includes the TorqShift transmission with tow-haul mode and trailer tow mirrors. TorqShift with tow-haul mode changes shift points under acceleration, keeping the truck at a higher rpm and further up in the power range. Tow-haul also prevents the transmission from upshifting when the vehicle crests a hill, and it provides downhill braking that allows the transmission to downshift, letting engine-compression braking slow the vehicle and maintain a steady speed while going downhill.



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Retail Price:
F-250 XL 4x2
$22,380 (Regular Cab)
$24,505 (SuperCab)
$24,700 (SuperCab Long Box)
$25,865 (SuperCrew)
$26,060 (SuperCrew Long Box)

F-250 XLT 4x2
$26,065 (Regular Cab)
$28,905 (SuperCab)
$29,090 (SuperCab Long Box)
$31,155 (SuperCrew)
$31,340 (SuperCrew Long Box)

F-250 Lariat 4x2
$30,955 (SuperCab)
$31,930 (SuperCab Long Box)
$34,330 (SuperCrew)
$34,520 (SuperCrew Long Box)

F-250 XL 4x4
$25,355 (Regular Cab)
$27,485 (SuperCab)
$27,675 (SuperCab Long Box)
$28,840 (SuperCrew)
$29,035 (SuperCrew Long Box)

F-250 XLT 4x4
$29,095 (Regular Cab)
$31,930 (SuperCab)
$32,130 (SuperCab Long Box)
$34,185 (SuperCrew)
$34,385 (SuperCrew Long Box)

F-250 Lariat 4x4
$34,755 (SuperCab)
$34,945 (SuperCab Long Box)
$37,305 (SuperCrew)
$37,500 (SuperCrew Long Box)

F-250 FX4 4x4
$35,880 (SuperCrew)
$36,080 (SuperCrew Long Box)

F-350 XL 4x2
$23,260 (Regular Cab)
$23,965 (Regular Cab DRW)
$25,720 (SuperCab)
$25,910 (SuperCab Long Box)
$26,620 (SuperCab Long Box DRW)
$26,970 (SuperCrew)
$27,170 (SuperCrew Long Box)
$27,920 (SuperCrew DRW)
$28,115 (SuperCrew Long Box DRW)

F-350 XLT 4x2
$27,360 (Regular Cab)
$28,245 (Regular Cab DRW)
$25,720 (SuperCab)
$30,625 (SuperCab Long Box)
$31,695 (SuperCab Long Box DRW)
$32,825 (SuperCrew)
$33,020 (SuperCrew Long Box)
$33,950 (SuperCrew DRW)
$34,150 (SuperCrew Long Box DRW)

F-350 Lariat 4x2
$33,120 (SuperCab)
$33,325 (SuperCab Long Box)
$34,060 (SuperCab Long Box DRW)
$35,620 (SuperCrew)
$35,815 (SuperCrew Long Box)
$36,620 (SuperCrew DRW)
$36,815 (SuperCrew Long Box DRW)

F-350 XL 4x4
$26,265 (Regular Cab)
$26,915 (Regular Cab DRW)
$28,730 (SuperCab)
$28,925 (SuperCab Long Box)
$29,570 (SuperCab Long Box DRW)
$29,980 (SuperCrew)
$30,175 (SuperCrew Long Box)
$30,870 (SuperCrew DRW)
$31,065 (SuperCrew Long Box DRW)

F-350 XLT 4x4
$30,510 (Regular Cab)
$31,335 (Regular Cab DRW)
$33,775 (SuperCab)
$33,970 (SuperCab Long Box)
$34,790 (SuperCab Long Box DRW)
$35,730 (SuperCrew)
$35,925 (SuperCrew Long Box)
$36,795 (SuperCrew DRW)
$37,000 (SuperCrew Long Box DRW)

F-350 Lariat 4x4
$36,200 (SuperCab)
$36,395 (SuperCab Long Box)
$37,085 (SuperCab Long Box DRW)
$38,450 (SuperCrew)
$38,665 (SuperCrew Long Box)
$39,410 (SuperCrew DRW)
$39,605 (SuperCrew Long Box DRW)

Add $925 destination charge


5.4-liter V8 Gasoline
300 hp
365 lb-ft
@5000 rpm
@3750 rpm
6.4-liter V8 Diesel
350 hp
650 lb-ft
@3000 rpm
@2000 rpm
6.8-liter V10 Gasoline
362 hp
457 lb-ft
@4750 rpm
@3250 rpm

- Five-speed Automatic
- Six -speed Manual

Fuel Economy:

5.4-liter V8 Gasoline
6.4-liter V8 Diesel
6.8-liter V10 Gasoline

NHTSA Safey Ratings:

IIHS Safey Ratings:



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