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One-and-One-Half-Ton DRW Crew Cab 4x4 Diesel Pickup

Like we said in Part I - this truck is in a class all its own.

We're pretty sure that the Ford F-450 and its 45-foot, 20,000-pound fifth wheel is the longest and heaviest vehicle ever to run the quarter-mile at Milan.

If you've run a bigger, weightier rig down Milan faster than our scores below, let us know. We'll buy you a burger and the first round of drinks at Miller's Bar in Dearborn next time we're in Michigan. Just don't embarrass us by ordering a salad!

We ran out of time to have Ricardo Inc. instrument 'Big Dog Daddy', so we took the best of three runs recorded by the Milan Dragway staff.

Testing Conditions:

Location: Milan Dragway (Milan, MI), elevation 600 feet
Conditions: Weather: Dry, Sunny
Temperature: 70 - 75 F
Windspeed: 3.5 - 10.0 MPH (WNW-NNW)
Humidity: 38 - 56 %

One-and-One-Half-Ton Test Results - With 20000# Trailer:


As you can see from the time and speed above, we came pretty close to the F-450's gross combined weight rating (GCWR) and the truck was able to hit a reasonable freeway entry speed within a quarter mile. You'll have to fend for yourself though trying to figure out how to wedge the 45-foot trailer into traffic. Better flick the turn signal on early!

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