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The XR8 Ute runs a Boss 290 V8, with the 290 standing for the kW produced (389-hp). It's hand-assembled by Ford Performance Vehicles in Melbourne, using Cobra R cast aluminum heads, forged steel crankshafts, high lift inlet camshafts and a 75-mm throttle body with drive-by-wire linkage. Peak torque is 384 lb-ft and comes in at 4,750-rpm.

Both the Boss V8 and turbo six engines are available with either a six-speed manual or ZF six-speed automatic, which is also used by Bentley, BMW and Maserati.

Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) will release even more potent versions of the FG Ute around the middle of the year. FPV won't discuss power outputs, but they are tipped to rise to around 428-hp for a V8 version and about 389-hp for the turbo.

Ford has announced the FPV models will come standard with electronic stability control, but the potentially life saving feature won't be available for the rest of the Ford Ute models at launch because Bosch is still calibrating the systems.

It is not yet clear whether electronic stability control (ESC) will be standard across the range, as it is with the VE Ute. Bosch is in the final stages of developing it and it should be added soon after the launch. The FPV (higher-performance versions) utes will have ESC as standard when they launch in a few months.

Driver and passenger front airbags are standard, but just like the VE, no side airbags are available. Head-protecting side airbags will be optional for all FG Falcon Utes.

The FG Falcon Ute sits on a longer wheelbase than its sedan sibling, which allows for a good tray length of between 72.5-inches (flat load tray) and 87-inches (styleside) and also helps with towing stability.
Its leaf-springs might be a blast from the past, but the front suspension is a new double wishbone design with two lower ball-joints. It's the same setup found on the Australian Territory SUV, which has set new standards for handling in its class.

Wheels for the entry level Ute, simply called Falcon Ute, are 16-inches and made of steel, while the rest are alloys, ranging in size from 17-inch to optional 19s.

The FG Ute also has an all-new interior which features a new 7-inch information display in the centre of the dashboard.

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