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Mazda's small pickup is available in B2300 and B4000 versions. A 2.3-liter four-cylinder powers the B2300 series, while the B4000 version is equipped with a 4.0-liter V-6. The B-Series is closely related to the Ford Ranger. Four-wheel-drive pickups feature front hubs that can lock automatically.

Little has changed for 2008. The B4000 has been lowered, and SE models get a standard skid plate to protect the front suspension. The V-6-powered B3000 has been dropped.

Mazda's B2300 pickup comes in only one form: a regular-cab pickup with rear-wheel drive. A cargo-bed extender is optional. Ford Motor Company, which holds a controlling interest in Mazda, builds the B-Series compact pickups. For years, the two companies have shared other products and components.

The B4000 comes only in Cab Plus four-door configuration, in both base and better-equipped SE trim levels. The SE edition is offered only with the automatic transmission. Both B4000 models have four-wheel drive that includes low-range gearing. Raised suspensions use torsion-bar front springs.

Each Cab Plus four-door edition features rear-hinged back doors that can be opened only after the front doors are open. Cab Plus four-door models are 202.9 inches long overall and have a 125.9-inch wheelbase. The base model rides on 15-inch wheels, and the SE gets 16-inch wheels.

Mazda's B2300 pickup has a regular cab and a 6-foot cargo bed. The B2300's front suspension consists of double wishbones with coil springs and a stabilizer bar, while semi-elliptic leaf springs are installed in the rear.

Regular-cab models ride a 111.6-inch wheelbase, measure 187.5 inches long overall and have 15-inch wheels. Options include tubular side steps and a soft tonneau cover.

Mazda's B2300 model has a roomy cab with a standard three-place front bench seat. Occupants get a fold-down armrest, and storage pockets are installed on the seatbacks. Air conditioning is optional in the B2300.

Under the Hood
A 143-horsepower, 2.3-liter four-cylinder in the B2300 teams with either a standard five-speed manual transmission or an optional five-speed automatic.

A 207-hp, 4.0-liter V-6 in the B4000 teams with either a five-speed manual or five-speed automatic transmission.

Antilock brakes are standard, and a key-operated switch can deactivate the passenger-side airbag. Side-impact airbags are not available. A tire pressure monitoring system is standard.



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Price Quote:
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Retail Price:
$15,535 to $26,590


2.3-liter I4
143 hp
154 lb-ft
@5,250 rpm
@3,750 rpm
4.0-liter V6
207 hp
238 lb-ft
@3,750 rpm
@3,000 rpm

- Five-speed automatic
- Five-speed manual

Fuel Economy:

2.3-liter I4 Manual
21 mpg
26 mpg
2.3-liter I4 Automatic
19 mpg
24 mpg
4.0-liter V6 Manual
15 mpg
19 mpg
4.0-liter V6 Automatic
14 mpg
17 mpg

NHTSA Safety Ratings:
Frontal Crash Test
Two Door
- Driver Front: 5/5 Stars
- Passenger Front: 4/5 Stars
Extended Cab
- Driver Front: 5/5 Stars
- Passenger Front: 4/5 Stars

Rollover Crash Test
Two Door
- Driver Front: 3/5 Stars
Extended Cab
- Driver Front: 3/5 Stars

Side Crash Test
Two Door
- Driver Front: 5/5 Stars
- Passenger Front: N/A
Extended Cab
- Driver Front: 4/5 Stars
- Passenger Front: N/A

IIHS Safety Ratings:
- Overall: Acceptable
- Structure / Safety Cage: Good
- Head/Neck: Good
- Chest: Good
- Leg/Foot Left, Right: Acceptable, Marginal
- Restraints:



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