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So Nissan is giving the Titan an extensive upgrade for the 2008 model year that includes two new long bed models, a new 4x4 package, a variety of mechanical upgrades, improved payload capacity, and a freshened interior and exterior.

King Cab and Crew Cab Long Wheelbase Models

The most visible change is the addition of two new long wheelbase models. Titan King Cab (i.e. extended cab) is now available with an 8-foot 2-inch cargo box instead of just the standard 6-foot 6-inch box, while Titan Crew Cab can be ordered with a segment-leading 7-foot 3-inch bed versus the standard 5-foot 6-inch payload bay. Both the King and Crew Cab long beds ride on a common 159.5-inch wheelbase.

Fisher explained the market differentiation between the two extended wheelbase models.

“The King Cab’s 8-foot bed is really for people who need to haul 4x8 sheets of plywood or for guys who want to put a big toolbox behind the cab and still have 6-feet of bed left in back. It’s a very work oriented truck,” says Fisher, emphasizing Titan’s new market push into E-grade territory.

But current Titan buyers who like to play with their trucks and toys also benefit, describes Fisher. “The Crew Cab long bed is a newer animal in the segment. What we found when we launched the Crew Cab short bed in 2004 was that people really loved the utility of the cab but needed a little more space in the bed. So, with our Crew Cab long bed we’ve got 7-feet of space now, which will fit around 85% of the motorcycles out there on the market. Now you can put a bike in the back of the truck and shut and lock the tailgate and you’ve got ultimate security for your very valuable possession.

We briefly drove a new Crew Cab long bed 4x4 between the deep farm country of Wisconsin and Minnesota’s twin cities.

Independent of make, long wheelbase trucks typically look off in their proportions, because when you drop a seven or eight foot box on the back it unavoidably skews the symmetry of a pickup’s three box architecture. But the Titan Crew Cab’s four full size doors help balance out the extra bed length and almost mute thoughts that the exterior designers used the silly putty filter in the CAD software before hitting the production button. It strikes an altogether different character from the LWB King Cab.  Well rounded, not strictly commercial.

There’s a side benefit from the Titan’s extra inches too. Unloaded on the highway, this super lengthy hauler has better on-road manners than the short wheelbase truck. Its longer chassis effortlessly smoothed out buffeting and absorbed chop from rough road surfaces and expansion joints at 65 to 75 mph. The better ride and handling also means less driver fatigue during long trips and easier towing. And even though it’s longer and heavier, the 317-horsepower / 385 lb-feet 5.7-liter Endurance V8 had little trouble motivating and powering the LWB Titan.

If you want to haul a load behind the cab, Nissan has raised the ‘08 Titan’s payload capacity ratings by 500-pounds, to 2,062-pounds for Crew Cab and 2,012-pounds for King Cab. Changes were made to the rear axle and suspension to accommodate one ton of cargo. The rear axle has been beefed up with a larger diameter shaft and upgraded leaf spring seats and brackets. Rear leaf spring rates have also been changed to provide better damping. The rear suspension also receives stronger upper and lower shock brackets.

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