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If you’re an active off-roader, and you’re not going to raise the vehicle’s ground clearance with an aftermarket suspension, then you’ll want to stick with the PRO-4X short bed configuration, because even though you can get a long bed PRO-4X Titan, the bigger wheelbase has a 2.1-degree shallower breakover angle than the tighter wheelbase.

Improvements Inside and Out

Aside from trailer, payload, and off-road improvements, Nissan has also spruced up the Titan’s interior with better materials and improved seating. Work ready XE trim Titans get vinyl floors for easy cleaning. This actually costs more than carpet but the Titan’s American engineers pushed hard with the home office in Japan to charge less for the option so the truck would appeal more to increasingly important commercial buyers. The old HVAC system is also retained on XE, SE, and PRO-4X models to save dollars for reallocation to improve the truck’s suspension and other functional areas. The upscale LE model gets dual zone climate controls.

Overall there’s a feeling of better quality inside the truck but we still see room for improvement in fit and finish – especially in the interior panel gaps.

There are some other changes on the outside, but they’re cosmetic – revised headlights, new paint schemes, and new wheel choices.


With the 2008 Titan, Nissan is showing pickup truck buyers that it’s learned much since entering the full size market three and a half years ago. It still doesn’t have the same wide range of configurations as GM, Dodge, Ford, and Toyota, but Nissan has fixed the biggest pain points Titan’s original buyers may have experienced and broadened the line just enough with new long wheelbase and off-road models to offer commercial customers another competitive and proven half-ton pickup to shop.

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