Voting: Round 1 - The Exterior

It's time for you to help us with our first major modification to the truck - the exterior paint job.

The Inspiration

We've teamed up with leading aftermarket customization shop Performance West Group to create three different looks for the Titan.

The inspiration for the renderings you'll be voting on comes from a car that was first shown at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show. The Carlsson Aigner CK65 Eau Rouge caught our eye and imagination because of the way its two-tone deep purple and black paint job aggressively plays off the Mercedes-Benz CL's sculpted surface contours. Carlsson also enhanced the Aignner's performance envelope, so it produces over 700-horsepower.

Like the CL, the Nissan Titan also has strong sheetmetal surfaces that we felt could be better appreciated with a similar paint job.

So we commissioned the renderings below with the idea of making an upscale offroader that doesn't compromise any of the strong four-wheel-drive capabilities the PRO-4X comes with from the factory.

Later we'll need your help picking the custom wheels, and we don't have any plans to lower the suspension.

Vote for the Exterior!

Vote for one of the three exterior paint jobs below. You only get one chance to vote, so make it count!

Dark Purple and Black #1
170 Votes

Red and Black  
150 Votes

Dark Purple and Black #2  
160 Votes's project truck voting is only for those who choose to participate and is therefore not a valid statistical sample. Our poll software uses a variety of methods to ensure that only votes determined to be valid are tabulated. When this determination cannot be made, we may not process your vote.