2009 Harley-Davidson Edition Ford F-450 Caught!
By: Mike Levine / Brenda Priddy Posted: 05-29-08 10:00 PT
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Ford and Harley-Davidson have been building special edition F-Series pickups for almost a decade. Since 1999 they’ve created eleven different models. Well, we’ve just caught the upcoming twelfth iteration, and it's the biggest and baddest one yet.

Say hello to the 2009 Harley-Davidson Edition Ford F-450 - a dual-rear-wheel, one-and-one-half-ton hauler with a curb weight of 8,700-lbs and the capability to tow 24,500-lbs, or about 24 Harley Heritage Softail motorcycles.

A well loaded F-450 costs about $55,000 and we’re expecting the Harley-Davidson Edition F-450 will easily break the $60K barrier. For that kind of money you’ll get blue tribal flames etched in the paint, a chromed grille and side vents, Harley-Davidson’s name embossed in the cargo box sides, a Harley badge on the tailgate, unique wheels with Harley-Davidson shields in the center caps and a fancy black leather interior with (you guessed it) even more Harley badging.

In the photo above, you'll see two small holes in the upper right of the side vent. They're mount points for another Harley-Davidson logo, of course.

No changes are expected to the F-450's 6.4-liter Power Stroke diesel V8 engine.

Country music star and Ford spokesman Toby Keith calls the Ford F-450 the "Big Dog Daddy" of pickups. We’ll call this version "Big Hog Daddy".

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