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The pickup truck is a unique vehicle whose owners stand apart from the rest of the automotive crowd. As pickup truck owners we use our trucks for work-related tasks and recreation. We outfit our pickups to reflect our interests and personalities and we make up part of the top 10 of ALL vehicles sold - including the number 1 & 2 spots for sales - consistently each year.

At PickupTruck.com we're working hard to create a place where pickup truck owners, potential buyers and enthusiasts can come to learn the latest news, research and buy a truck, and purchase a whole range of parts and accessories for their pickup at the best prices possible.

Join us on the ride.

- The Staff of PickupTruck.com

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Thank you for your interest in advertising opportunities at PickupTruck.com. As the premier online community for pickup truck enthusiasts, our mission is to provide the pickup truck community with the most accurate, up-to-date information, the ability to freely discuss pickup trucks online, and provide the best source for purchasing all of their pickup truck needs.

Each month we host hundreds of thousands of visitors, each with a keen interest in pickup trucks. We have seen our site traffic double since the beginning of the year, and continue to grow. And our audience is made up exclusively of pickup truck enthusiasts. According to our research, 98% of our visitors own or are about to purchase a pickup truck.

PickupTruck.com (PUTC) offers a wide variety of marketing opportunities for the advertiser. Our site is filled with news, information, discussion, and e-commerce for pickup truck enthusiasts. As the Internet evolves, and our site develops further, we will be able to provide even more opportunities. You can choose from among our standard list of opportunities, or contact us to discuss customized advertising programs to meet your marketing objectives. We have opportunities to fit any budget or marketing objective.

PUTC provides account management for all advertisers, tracking reports with real-time access, and third-party auditing for accountability.

For all technical capabilities and specifications, please contact us.

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If you are interested in marketing opportunities on PUTC, please contact Neil McGarry or Steve Carmassi at advertising@pickuptruck.com. We look forward to working with you.