Free Customization Software

Ask almost any pickup truck enthusiast about why their truck is the coolest on the road and they will tell you - "just take a look." Enthusiasts love to add accessories to their pickups to enhance appearance, and there are plenty of accessories to choose from. In order to help pickup truck enthusiasts customize their rides, this page has been brought to you by C-A-S Systems.

C-A-S offers you a unique software program to help you visualize how your truck will look with new accessories. The goal is to expand the program through updates as accessories, from innovative manufacturers, become available, as well as new makes and models of pickup trucks. Interested manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers should contact C-A-S Systems for a dditional information.

To better serve you, the end-user, with this freeware product, it is extremely important for us to have feedback from a completed questionnaire. After completing the questionnaire you can download the software. Enjoy this IBM compatible program.

Please Note: If you have any questions or concerns about the functionality of this software, please contact its manufacturer at C-A-S Systems.

The customization software is only meant to run under Windows3.1, 95 and 98. PickupTruck.Com does not guarantee it will work under Windows NT or Windows 2000.

After downloading the viz.exe executable, run viz.exe from a DOS prompt and then type GO. This will start the customization application.