We've Been to Hell and Back

We've just returned from our little trip to Hell, and it wasn't so bad in the H3T. We'll put together the long review and video over the next week or so, so stay tuned for more info on this drive.

Initial Impression:
It's difficult to imagine a more capable factory off-road pickup than the Hummer H3T. With front and rear electronic locking differentials, a 5.3-liter V8 and a footprint that places it somewhere in between mid-size and full-size pickups, Hummer has created a class all its own. This is the truck for serious rock hounds who work their truck hard during the week and even harder on the weekends. Jeep and Suzuki wish they had this truck.

Rival Truck:
The Dodge Power Wagon is a worthy rival, but it would have been difficult or impossible to navigate the Ram through some of the sticky cramped trails the H3T conquered.

V8 engine and minimal electronic nannies to babysit and distract through rough spots. The 4:1 gear reduction in 4-Lo enables the H3T to crawl over gotchas without the need for brakes, freeing the driver to identify and navigate the best path on the trail. It takes getting used to, but once you do you'll be thankful for the convenience.

V8 engine and four-speed transmission. While it easily beat Moab's rocky trails, it's going to be difficult for the H3T to rack up big sales wins in a rocky economy. Are house poor truck buyers going to want a purpose-built off-roader when fuel prices are on their way to $4.00/gallon? We wish it had GM's new V6 GDI engine today. Yes, you read correctly. The Hummer H3 family will receive the 3.6-liter V6 gasoline direct injection motor in the not too distant future, but no specific date was given.

Hummer H3T on 'Tip Over Challenge'. Both front and rear lockers were engaged.

Hell's Revenge

A map of Hell's Revenge. Time to load up on bacon and coffee. We head out at 9am MT.

Getting Ready to Head Out

Wednesday is going to be a long day spent rock crawling Hell's Revenge. Here's the pre-production H3T we'll be driving.

If we thought flying from Los Angeles to Moab via Denver and Grand Junction, Colorado was arduous, it's nothing compared to the trip this 9/10 full-size pickup has had. Hummer spokesperson Nick Richards tells us that our white H3T was built by hand at General Motor's new global small truck design center in Brazil and shipped to Utah. GM do Brasil is where all of GM's future small pickups will be engineered.

The pre-production H3T is the last step before pilot trucks start rolling down the assembly line at GM's Shreveport, LA plant. Full production should start by August with the first trucks arriving at Hummer dealers by September.

We've Arrived!

We're here in Utah for the 2008 Moab Auto Show! There was a small wait at the airport for our turn in Moab's taxi, but we've made it to the hotel. After unpacking we had some time to walk around and stopped by the convention center. As you can see, even though the show starts tomorrow, there's still a bit of work needed to finish getting the vehicles setup. But check out how big Moab's skyscrapers are!

We did find one of the trucks, though.

2009 Hummer H3T

Traveling to Moab
We're traveling to the New York Auto Show
Moab, Utah to tackle Hell's Revenge in a 2009 Hummer H3T pickup. Compared to finding a seat for the Pontiac G8 ST intro, this should be a cake walk. Check back March 19-20.