The final vehicle that we scoped out for PickupTruck.Com, was the Hummer Sport Utility Truck (SUT). The Hummer, unlike the two concepts already discussed, is not a crossover vehicle -- okay, it has crossed over from military duty and now from macho civilian use, and it is capable of crossing over virtually any kind of terrain that is even remotely passable. The new Hummer is, simply put, a much more attractive and refined version of its former self. The earlier models were crude and exceptionally noisy, providing a less than intimate ambience -- definitely not an ideal vehicle for a first date. The SUT concept on display was derived from the production-intended 2003 H2. Blending superior off-road capability with a versatile rear cargo bed, an adjustable bulkhead and an appealing "down-to-business" functional interior, made up from polished metal components, sumptuous leather and fabric and state-of-the-art telematics. Essentially, the H2 SUT increases versatility while folding in a much more generous helping of comfort and convenience features -- all this without sacrificing the ancestral Hummer's off-road prowess. "Unlike many show trucks, the SUT concept vehicle evolves from the production-intent H2 SUV, which has undergone extensive testing on some of the most rigorous and intense off-road trails in the world", stated H2 chief designer, Terry Henline.

The SUT sports short overhangs for radical approach and departure angles, along with exceptional ground clearance. Power comes from GM's 6.0 liter 6000 V8, longitudinally-mounted and coupled to a heavy-duty five-speed automatic transmission linked to full-time All-Wheel-Drive (AWD). 250 horsepower is generated along with 365 pound feet of torque. Massive tow hooks, sturdy receiver hitches and the multi-spoke 17-inch cast aluminum wheels with oversize 315/70R 17 tires combine to give the newest Hummer concept its ruggedly intimidating aura.

The H2 SUT Hummer concept is intended to transport up to five passengers comfortably surrounded by a host of technologically-advanced gadgetry, including: roof-mounted 360-degree infrared night vision; Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) navigation; the OnStar communications system; and plenty of 110V outlets.

Versatility and flexibility are key, with the same Avalanche-inspired, reconfigurable structure featured on both the Borrego and Terracross concepts, but with individually custom applications for each. There are three rugged racks -- two on the roof and one bed-mounted unit along with steel bumpers designed with detachable corner pieces to avoid damage in tight places. The Hummer's sky-roof is the largest in GM's history for open air buffs.

The bright Apricot mist metallic finished concept Hummer sports a Sandalwood fabric with wheat-colored Neptune grain leather. It is 188.3-inches long on a 122.6-inch wheelbase, reaches across from mirror to mirror - 97.2-inches, and weighs in at 6,000 pounds. The H2 SUT Hummer will be shown first at next year's New York Auto Show.

Stay tuned for driving impressions, following show debuts.

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