The Isuzu Axiom XST concept shares over 90% of its components with the 2002 Axiom SUV

Isuzu Axiom XST Proves to be a Possible and Practical Concept
By: Michael LevinePosted: 01-08-02 22:00

The award winning Isuzu Axiom SUV may get a new addition to its lineup, previewed in one of three Axiom based concept vehicles - the XST sport utility truck.

The XST features a rear cabin access system very similar to the Chevrolet Avalanche's Midgate. The rear window lifts up and the rear seats fold down to quickly expand bed length and provide additional cargo space. A very trick integrated aluminum bed extender neatly folds open to provide even more room.

Isuzu is aiming that Axiom XST at "extroverted, expressive and individualistic" buyers who are looking for a truck that matches their outgoing lifestyle.

Like the 2003 Subaru Baja, the Axiom XST wears the same exterior sheetmetal as the Axiom SUV from the C-pillar forward, but from the C-pillar back its all new. The exterior also adds heavy cladding for character that looks similar to the material used in spray-in bed liners. The bed surface of the XST is covered in the same cladding / spray-in material.

The interior has a sophisticated navigation and GPS system plus DVD/CD player.

The five passenger interior utilizes bucket seats up front and a bench in the rear. Almost all of the seating and floor surfaces are trimmed in a synthetic material designed to repel moisture and prevent staining. A sophisticated navigation system helps get driver and passengers to their destination featuring a voice response system with dashboard GPS displays. A six disc CD changer can also handle DVDs for rear-seat passengers to watch movies.

Well-known for its heavy duty Duramax diesel engines found in Chevrolet and GMC full size pickups, Axiom XST demonstrates Isuzu's 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6 and its high pressure common-rail fuel injection system. The engine is designed to run quietly and on cleaner burning, low sulfur fuel.

Axiom XST uses Intelligent Suspension Control (XSC) and Torque-on-Demand (TOD) for superior traction in all weather conditions. ISC constantly monitors each shock absorber to reduce body motion in hard braking, acceleration and turns while TOD helps limit wheel slippage on slick or loose surfaces.

Isuzu developed the XST with production in mind if consumer reaction to the truck is positive. In fact it shares over 90% of its parts with the 2002 Axiom SUV.

From the C-pillar forward, its strictly Axiom SUV sheetmetal