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PUTC: One year there was a supercharged edition. Are looking down the road at another performance model?

Willie G: I really don’t know if a supercharger is coming or not, and that’s the truth. We did have one, yes, but this is a brand new F-150, so we’re starting with a clean sheet of paper. It is a 3-valve engine, 5.4-liter engine with 300 horsepower and it’ll pull well.

PUTC: Has there been any discussion about singling out a particular Harley model? Could we have a V-Rod F-150 or a Sportster Super Duty?

Willie G: Not yet (a little hesitation). That hasn’t been discussed, separating it into those small segments. It’s an interesting idea but it hasn’t been talked about to that degree.

PUTC: Ranger sales are down around 25 percent. Is there any possibility there might be a Harley-Davidson Ranger?

Willie G: I think not because we’re involved with a higher end vehicle. At retail, it appeals to a different demographic. We need a higher retail to support the modifications. Some of these things (interior enhancements) wouldn’t work on a lower end vehicle.

PUTC: I miss the flames. Talk about why you went with scallops.

Willie G: Variety. I’m glad you like the flames. That was a major first (wet-on-wet application technique at factory) for Ford. But you’ll notice who this scallop design emphasizes the drop in the side glass, and it’s a great place to start a real bright graphic and end up with our name.

PUTC: Do these scallops mirror a production Harley, because we see them on the display model?

Willie G: We did those motorcycles just for this show.

PUTC: What’s your comment on the Lincoln chopper built by OCC?

Willie G: I was kind of knocked out. I would love to meet the PR person who established that relationship. If you think of brands and demographics, that’s kind of two extreme opposites together. But if it works, great. It’s a fascinating bike and that’s part of the magic of the TV show.

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