Detroit Diesel Rumors

Heavy Duty Diesel Rumors in Detroit
There's nothing like starting the new year in Detroit to the swirl of rumors and speculation that Toyota and Nissan are about to hit the Deroit Three right where it could really hurt - the heavy duty segment.

F-250 Super Chief Engine

Inside the F-250 Super Chief Engine
PUTC speaks with the Super Chief engineers to learn what it takes to combine 3 forms of combustion in one engine.

Steve Saleen Interview

PUTC Interview with Steve Saleen
Mike Magda caught up with Steve Saleen during the Los Angeles Auto Show to ask questions about the design and positioning of his new Sport Truck S331.

Designing the Super Chief

Saleen Sport Truck S331
With the SVT Lightning out of production and a replacement out of sight, it's up to Ford aftermarket performance guru Steve Saleen to add horsepower and curves to the Ford F-150.

Designing the Super Chief

Behind the Design of the Super Chief
Based on a history as rich as its interior, and meant to bring Ford F-Series trucks far past the "King Ranch" treatment, here's what the Super Chief's design team is trying to achieve in luxury.

Truck of the Year

Honda Ridgeline Wins Truck of the Year
The 2006 Honda Ridgeline was awarded North American Truck of the Year honors, as decided by a panel of automotive journalists.

Ford F-250 Super Chief

Preview: 2006 Ford F-250 Super Chief
Ford's F-250 Super Chief provides a preview of the shape of things to come in the next generation Ford Super Duty.

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Past PUTC NAIAS Coverage

This is PUTC's 8th year reporting from Detroit. Here are links to our past North American International Auto Show coverage.