Interview with Toyota A-BAT Creative Designers Matt Sperling and Daryl Harris
Interview: Mike Levine Posted: 01-14-08 10:03 ET
Videography: Sara Shunk
© 2008

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Toyota is on to something good with the A-BAT. The more truck executives we speak with at the Detroit Auto Show, the more we hear there's an unmet need for a pickup with the footprint and high fuel economy promised by this compact concept.

Kudos to Toyota for being first truck maker to show they are seriously considering re-entering and reinventing the segment.

To understand how Toyota created and executed the A-BAT, we spoke with Matt Sperling, Creative Designer, and Daryl Harris, Senior Creative Designer. Mr. Sperling developed the exterior design and Mr. Harris took charge of the interior.

Interview with Matt Sperling

Interview wth Daryl Harris

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