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2005 Nissan Frontier Info
By: Michael LevineUpdated: 04-18-03 22:00
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While inspecting the brand new Titan Crew Cab introduced here in New York, a few hints were dropped about the next Nissan Frontier expected to arrive for the 2005 model year by fall 2004.

The biggest surprise revealed by Fred Suckow, a senior marketing manager for Nissan North America, is that the next Frontier, and Xterra SUV, will share its chassis with the Titan full-size pickup. This will allow the Frontier to grow in width to become a true midsized pickup. It will also share the Titan's sturdy closed section ladder frame construction.

Thoughts of a larger Frontier bring to mind the need for a bigger powerplant. Suckow is mum about a new V6 except to say, "our story for the new Frontier will be about power and performance."

And since the Frontier will have the Titan's chassis, what about the possibility of a V8 to compete with Dodge Dakota? Suckow adds only that, "a V8 is still being looked at for the truck."

In Nissan's research and design efforts, Suckow mentions they have looked to Toyota's Tacoma as the "gold standard" in the compact and midsize segment.

Asked about GM's new Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon midsize trucks that are expected to be priced in the upper teens to mid-20s, Suckow says, "with the new Frontier we will not be fishing in that end of the market. We want to compete in the top 2/3 of the segment."

Suckow expects to see Frontier sales volume grow from around 70,000 units to 80-90,000 units and leaves this as a final word: "We think we'll have as many surprises with the next Frontier as we have with Titan."

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