Tundra Targeted by Oil Activists at NY Auto Show
By: Mike Levine Posted: 04-06-07 11:25 PT
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Toyota's new Tundra was the target of climate change activists, who scaled the lobby walls of the Javits Center during the New York International Auto Show to hoist a banner satirizing it's $100M ad campaign. The Freedom from Oil Campaign changed the Tundra's tagline from "The Truck That's Changing It All" to "The Truck That's Changing The Climate." In addition to wordsmithing, the banner showed a picture of a Tundra Double Cab nearly cutting the Earth in two after driving over the blue planet.

In its press release Freedom From Oil co-director Mike Hudema said the following, “Toyota can’t have it both ways; Toyota can’t call themselves an environmental leader while fighting legislation to curb greenhouse gas pollution and accelerating into the truck market."

And Hudema's fellow co-director, Sara Connolly, stated, "Building Priuses does not give Toyota license to mass-produce the Tundra."

Two people were arrested for hanging the sign.

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