The Pontiac G8 ST is Coming to the New York Auto Show
By: Mike Levine Posted: 01-25-07 07:40 PT
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Start packing the car truck, we're leaving today - to grab a front row seat at the New York Auto Show for General Motors’ press conference.

Very reliable sources have told that the production Pontiac G8 ST (Sport Truck), based on Holden's VE Ute, will bow in the Big Apple in late March during the NY Auto Show’s media days. WO0t!

The decision to move forward with the G8 ST was made even though there are still lingering concerns inside GM about the exchange rate between the Australian and U.S. dollars. If the U.S. dollar had continued to weaken against the Aussie buck recently, the price for the imported Ute would have been too high for the market.

This news follows’s Lutzian scoop last week that a four-door GMC-badged ‘Crewman’ Ute concept would also appear at the NY Auto Show. Now, other online sources are reporting that the GMC pickup concept will instead appear at the Chicago Auto Show early next month. We’ll keep our pens sheathed on that point. There’s an embargo, dontcha know.

Last year our sources also gave us the official name of the Pontiac G8 ST and news that only a 361-hp V8 would be offered, starting at $31,000 USD. The name remains the same but a lower-priced 256-hp V6 version of the ST will also be available.

Here’s why.

The recently cancelled Pontiac G8 version of Holden's VE Sportwagon was only going to be available with a V6 for CAFE reasons, to offset the G8 ST’s V8 fuel economy rating. But with the wagon gone, the Ute will have to average out CAFE on its own. Hence, the V6 has been added. Good news for G8 ST owners looking for a cheaper Ute to park in their driveways.

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