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By: Mike Kowdley   Last Edited: 2001-Nov-26 12:00

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Step Up In Style

Another product we saw at SEMA was Nu-Tec Design's Flip-Step. A step that fits into your truck's 2" trailer hitch isn't a new idea, but the Flip-Step takes the idea one step further. When not being used as a step, it flips up out of the way to reveal an embedded running light / brake light that attaches to your truck's trailer wiring harness. The light is made from ten long lasting LED's.

What immediately struck me about the Flip-Step was the quality with which it's made. Made from aluminum and steel, it feels solid and heavy in the hand, which explains why it's guaranteed to 600 pounds and has been tested all the way to 2000 pounds. The finish is tough and durable looking. This is a piece of equipment that will be with you as long as your truck, SUV, or van.

Another appeal of the Flip-Step: businesses can get their own logo mounted on the step to produce and attractive product highlighting their business, either by using an adhesive or having a custom metal plate made. The step comes in three different powder-coat finishes: light bronze, silver vein, and satin chrome.

The step is about 6" x 9" and features a non-slip finish. The product comes with a one year warranty. Contact Nu-Tec Designs by phone at 425-898-0995 or online at http://www.flip-step.com for details, more product information, and ordering information.