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By: Tom Keefe Last Edited: 10-28-01 22:00

The PickupTruck.com / Eaton Torque Controls Products Avalanche SS

During September and early October PickupTruck.com asked readers to vote for the color scheme and name for our SEMA project truck, a 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche. Well, the votes came in and what you see above is the result. Introducing the Avalanche SS.

Thank you for all the votes. This is your truck.

So, why an Avalanche? Well, someone said, 'here's an Avalanche, what would you do with it as a project truck for SEMA?' Easy, give it to us and let us show you.

What I did not know was how thankful we would be after spending 3 days in the desert beating around in the moguls, hills, rocks and sand.

"This IS the best riding off road vehicle I have ever driven," said John, the "Desert Dog", owner of Desert Dog Hummer Adventures http://www.azadventures.com/, our off road guide.

More about our off road adventure in a future update.

The PickupTruck.com / Eaton Torque Controls Products Avalanche SS

What does it mean to put the name SS on a vehicle? SS stands for performance, good looks, exceptional handling and above all pride of ownership. The kind of pride in ownership that only a true enthusiast could understand. When all of us cast our votes we were showing that enthusiasm comes in many forms, some positive and some negative. Now pride, I know what that feels like. That is the feeling that a few of us of felt when we were driving and riding around Phoenix. One thing is for sure, Red is the right color for this truck, no question.

Before we started this project we established 2 rules that guided us through the process:

Rule 1: Any modification must be able to be duplicated by any owner if they had the desire to create their own Avalanche SS or some variation of our SS.

Rule 2: SEE RULE 1.

The PickupTruck.com / Eaton Torque Controls Products Avalanche SS

Based on the comments from the people of Phoenix that saw the Avalanche SS cruising the streets and desert off road areas, this truck will get noticed and you may even see articles in a few mainstream magazines. The rest of this story will be published over the next 4 weeks. We know that one part of the story is already written. The PUTC Project Avalanche SS will be at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) convention October 30, 2001 thru November 2, 2001 in Las Vegas.

This truck had to be show quality while still being a capable on and off road vehicle. The body had to be painted and for that we went to a company that has created show vehicles like the GMC Teradyne, Transportation Design & Mfg, Co (TDM).

Stay tuned for more information about this truck very soon!

The Avalanche SS is available to the media for test drives at SEMA October 30th thru November 2nd 2001.

The PickupTruck.com / Eaton Torque Controls Products Avalanche SS

Avalanche SS Specifications

- Chevrolet Avalanche SS Paint Job and SS Name were selected by a vote conducted on www.pickuptruck.com during the month of September.

Visit Booth Number 11005
- Eaton Automotive/ Torque Control Products Division

General Location
- Vehicle Available For Test Drives make arrangements at the Eaton

Aeroquip Booth (booth # 11005)
- Eaton Contact at SEMA, Wayne Brantley

- This vehicle will be near the front of the convention center for media test-drives in On Highway and Off Road areas.

MagnaCharger 4 to 6 PSI Super Charger available through GM Service Parts Operations (SPO) as a dealer installed accessory

Eaton E-Locker™ Electronic Front & Rear Locking Differentials soon to available as an aftermarket option and through GM SPO

Rancho Off Road Suspension 4" Lift Kit

Boyd Coddington 17X9.5 Custom Wheels

Custom Paint

Warn Convert-a-Winch with front mounted hitch

Eaton Power Fold Mirrors available as an SPO accessory

DynoMax Hi-Performance Exhaust


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