PickupTruck.Com coverage from the 2002 SEMA Show Nov. 5-7th in Las Vegas

Roll Out Beds at SEMA 2002
By Mike Kowdley

Once again we trolled the SEMA show floor looking at the vast array of accessories available for trucks today. Each manufacturer looks for a consumer need that can be filled with their product. One product we saw over and over again throughout the show was the roll out bed floor.

According to Liberty Mutual Insurance and data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, overexertion injuries cost employers more than any other type of injury. With the increasing popularity of large vehicles that are difficult to access while standing on the ground, it's a statistic that needs to be addressed. The roll out bed products allow you to load up a platform and slide it into the bed of your truck, and then slide it out again for easy access to all your things. Ease of installation, load capacity, and durability are all touted as virtues of each product. They all include a mechanism to lock the sliding section at the fully extended or fully retracted position. We took a look at a few of these products in Vegas.

CargoPro by Duraliner

The typical roll out bed floors have a frame bolted to the bed floor of the truck, with a platform or tub that slides in an out on rollers. The CargoPro by Duraliner fits this description well. Available in a 750 pound capacity and a 1250 pound capacity, the CargoPro comes with a flat diamond plate platform or an ABS formed tub. Most of their models require drilling into the bed of the vehicle. A notable exception was their CargoPro sized for the Chevy Avalance (or Cadillac EXT). Finding that the majority of these vehicles on the road are leased, Duraliner made a CargoPro available the requires no drilling -- the consumer instead removes the factory tie down points and attaches the CargoPro to the same holes.

The CargoPro roll out bed with the ABS tub option

Further information about the CargoPro can be obtained at http://www.durakon.com. The 750 pound model retails around $850 to $950, depending on options and application.

BedSlide by IFW

The BedSlide by IFW received the TCAA engineering award for its no-bolt installation that is rated to support up to 1200 pounds. Getting this roll out in your truck still requires drilling, however. Two holes placed at the front end of your truck bed (facing forward) and one hole near the rear accept pins at each end of the BedSlide. This makes removal a snap, when you are ready to haul a load of gravel or something else that doesn't require the roll out. Unlike the CargoPro, the BedSlide comes standard with a carpeted finish.

BedSlide information is available at http://www.bedslide.com.

Roll-A-Bed by Rasmusson Enterprises

For those who are interested in a product that requires no drilling at all, we noticed the Roll-A-Bed from Rasmusson Enterprises. Rated at 1250 pounds, the Roll-A-Bed attaches to the lip of the truck bed using alumnium clamps.

The Roll-A-Bed with diamond plate surface

Closeup showing the Roll-A-Bed clamping to the inside lip of the truck bed

Retailing for $995 (short bed) to $1100 (long bed), Roll-A-Bed is available from http://www.roll-a-bed.com.

The BedMizer by TSCO Industries

The BedMizer takes a slightly different approach to the roll out model. The BedMizer platform is just a steel frame with no flat surface; it is designed to accept ABS cargo carriers, bike racks, or other accessories. The primary difference, however, is that the product rides about two feet above the floor of the bed. This leaves the floor available to store drywall, plywood, or anything else that doesn't require the use of the roll out. BedMizer also features a no-drill installation, perfect for leased vehicles.

The BedMizer with two ABS carriers fully rolled into the truck

The BedMizer with two ABS carriers fully extended, also showing a tool box underneath

BedMizer retails for around $720, and the cargo carriers retail around $510 each. For further information call 530-629-6200.

Prosled by Prosled, LLC

For those looking for the ultimate in customization, or looking to outfit corporate vehicles, a new option on the martket is the Prosled from Prosled, LLC. Rated at 2000 pounds, the prosled surface is two large sheets of alumninum sandwiching a honeycomb network of alumnium cells. (An ABS surface is also available.) The alumnimum surface can be customized with a graphic of your choice (for a price, naturally).

The Prosled roll out bed fully extended

Prosled retails for around $2895 (long bed) or $2695 (short bed), and more information is available at http://www.prosled.com.

Prices are current as of the SEMA 2002 show, and are subject to change without notice. Please contact your distributor for current pricing information.