No Fear NF-155: A Showtruck for your Driveway
By: Michael LevinePosted: 10-28-02 23:00
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The annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada gives industry leaders a chance to look into the future and see what's hot and what can be done to customize a pickup when there are no boundaries. Specialty shops design the vehicles, manufacturers build and outfit them and magazines write about them. With their over-the-top looks and the latest accessories and gear these vehicles are something you would love to own if you had the budget to create one.

Here's your chance.

No Fear, the extreme sports apparel maker, is breaking the rules again with the affordable 2003 No Fear NF-155 SuperCrew adventure vehicle. This is one show truck destined for many driveways and will debut at this year's SEMA Show.

Bruce Landfield of Roll-A-Long, the truck's builder, designed it with aggressive looks for active young, male customers. Roll-A-Long is known in the auto industry as a second stage manufacturer. They don't simply take vehicles, bolt on a few accessories and resell them, they build limited edition trucks and have the expertise and capability to design and deliver unique parts and components you won't find in any commodity catalogue.

The concept behind the No Fear NF-155 began only about a year ago when John Waraniak, Executive Director of New Product Strategy at automotive supplier Johnson Controls, received a call from Brian Simo, one of No Fear's founders. They got together with Landfield to work on creating an F-Series truck that would reflect No Fear's aggressive brand identify and serve as a rolling incubator of ideas and concepts for No Fear's partners and customers. And while this is only a No Fear project, No Fear will be pursuing Ford to explore the synergistic potential of the No Fear-No Boundaries connection.

The No Fear SuperCrew's Baja-inspired off road appearance is reflected in its 'pre-runner' lifted looks. The truck's body panels are redesigned and reengineered in fiberglass, accommodating meaty 305/70/16 B.F. Goodrich tires and bead lock style wheels while offering a practical solution to not altering factory ride height and suspension. The front grille and push bar, integrated with driving lights, has been combined with a drilled aluminum skid plate and shortened front valance as well blacked out tubular grille bumpers and mirrors. An aluminum fuel door adds a touch of racing inspiration as well.

The interior is upgraded with restyled leather seats with embossed No Fear logos, an enhanced instrument panel, and pair of two-way GMRS radios with GPS navigation.

As the vehicle evolves other new features will be added along the way. But the coolest feature of No Fear NF-155 SuperCrew, however, is that it's available to get dirty and drive home today from select Ford dealers.

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