GMC Sierra Landscaper Pro - Lyco Loader Tailgate
By: Michael Levine Posted: 11-11-02 05:00

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Australian based company Lyco Loader provided the GMC Sierra Landscaper Pro show truck with what I consider to be the best accessory of the show - a powered load-lifting tailgate capable of hoisting 500 pounds.

Though still in the experimental stage, the tailgate relies on an integrated motor housed in the base of the tailgate that powers four cables at each corner. With the touch of a key fob the cables extend or retract from two side arms to lift or lower a load on the tailgate's bed-facing surface.

In addition to the easy way to load heavy items into your truck, the Lyco Loader unit requires no drilling or electrical changes. It simply snaps into the exisiting tailgate hinges and can use the Sierra's 12-volt power supply located near the towing hitch. The only penalty is that the Lyco Loader takes about 2-inches out of your bed to accommodate the thicker tailgate.

I could describe it more, but pictures speak a 1000 words...

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