Two Titans - Customized!
By: Mike Kowdley Posted: 11-04-03 18:00 PT

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Nissan's first entry into the full size truck market, the 2004 Nissan Titan, made a strong showing at SEMA 2003. Nissan's own booth had two highly customized Titan's overlooking the crowd.

Nissan's folks are very excited about the upcoming Titan launch. They are currently running 15 second "credibility spots", short clips of the Titan on TV spots targeted towards their market (ESPN, Fox Sports, etc.) Nissan's "credibility spots" focus on the numbers, and those numbers - 305 horsepower at 4900 rpm and 379 pound-feet of torque and 3600 rpm - show that this full size truck is the real deal.

Production for the Nissan Titan began on October 20, 2003. 150 will be produced and these will be shipped within a few weeks to Nissan's 150 largest dealers across the south central and south eastern regions (regions closest to Titan's manufacturing plant in Canton, Mississippi) and will be avaiable for customers to test drive. The Titan goes on sale December 1st, and pricing will be available next week.

Nissan's first customized truck was done by Street Concepts of Garden Grove, CA. It features an audio/video system and a 14" lift kit. Full specifications and additional pictures are available in the photo gallery.

Nissan's second truck was built by CST Performance Suspension of Riverside, CA. This baby has a 14"/17" lift kit, a B. Kool Billet Grille, and a carbon fiber hood. Full specification and additional pictures are also available in the photo gallery.

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