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While at Xenon, Webasto Products sent a technician to install their new power operating soft tonneau cover that comes with an interior light and 2-keyfobs to easily open and close the cover. You can also vary the opening at any length. The install took a little of an hour to complete.

Once back at Mike Face’s shop the grille was taken out and replaced with a stunning, beveled, billet aluminum grille set by B-Cool Billets of Riverside, California. Mike’s technicians then installed the great performing Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation’s custom 14in. slotted brake rotors and Tri-Power aluminum calipers that would more quickly and safely stop the new, heavier F-150 Big Sky. These custom brakes also have the Ford F-150 logo stenciled on the 14in. rotors.

The new bolder looks were coming together nicely and it was time to stuff the custom Xenon fender flares with giant, 35.5in. high, BF Goodrich LT355/55ZR22in. G-Force T/A steel belted radial tires. These rugged, high-performance all-terrain tires are wrapped around huge, 22X10in., ‘Clamp’ model, Cyclos Designer Wheels by Oasis Alloy Wheels. I paid a visit to Oasis Alloy Wheels in Anaheim, California, and photographed the ‘Clamp’ wood sample wheel that the Oasis designers Cad-Cam’d before the final sparkling polished, aluminum alloy wheels were cast.

It was now time for the Big Sky to head further east out to Riverside, California, to get a 2in. lift at Advantage Performance Center. Performance West choose a set of Rev Tek’s billet aluminum spacers that are affixed to the top of the front coil-over shock absorbers. The 2in. lift kit really adds to the ability to conquer tough off-road trails and to give the Big Sky even more outstanding handling ability on the hard pavement.

After a road test at Advantage Performance Center the Big Sky headed south to San Diego where a new Sony Xplode audio & video entertainment system was installed. This system includes a powerful Sony AM-FM stereo radio, Indash CD player and DVD player with a large flip-up front screen plus a large pull-down rear screen that pivots a full 360-degrees so that any of the seats can have the screen turned in their direction to better view the video being played.

Once complete, the Big Sky came back north to Performance West Group’s Vista, California headquarters’ where a bed rug by Wise Industries, a bed extender from Instagate, and a set of 4-Cruiser Stainless Steel Accessories stainless steel door entry guards, with Ford’s logo, were installed.

While in Vista, the Big Sky headed southwest to Jim Warner’s Muffler Shop in nearby Oceanside, California, where it was fitted with a custom Borla dual, cat-back exhaust system to better exit the hot gases, and give the Big Sky an unmistakable rumble and growling exhaust note. This would be no usual install with the dual exhaust tips exiting on only one side in front of a rear wheel. No, Performance West designers instead went for a truly unique ‘quad’ exhaust look with 2-2in., polished stainless steel, Borla exhaust tips sticking out from a precut opening through the Xenon side skirts on each side of the truck. Jim himself cut a hole through the frame on each side of the Big Sky, boxed the frame, bent and snaked the exhaust pipe to the cutout on each side. This is truly a ‘one-of-a-kind’ install, and makes the Big Sky very special indeed.

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