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It was now time for the Big Sky to hit the road again and travel up the coast to Los Angeles, the home of Katzkin Custom Leather Seats where Brian Leslie of Katzkin directed the fabrication and installation of the front bucket and rear bench seats. The front bucket and rear bench seats were removed and replaced by Katzkins’ finest custom seats, but that’s not all. The Big Sky had to be even more special and in this case, Lear Industries custom ‘San Marino’ leather and suede hides, the worlds finest, were used to cover the seats. These butter soft custom seats also sport the Ford logo. The more luxurious interior got the finishing touch with Designer Mat’s thick, custom embroidered floor mats that also sport the Ford logo.

The Big Sky then left Katzkin’s Los Angeles location and headed 10mi. south to Johnson Window Film in Carson, California, where the windows were tinted using Johnson’s best selling dark window film adding a stealthy look, more security, while keeping interior cooler on hot sunny days.

Now more stunning and heavier than factory stock, the PWG F-150 SuperCab Lariat 4X4 ‘Big Sky’ headed 50mi. east to Rancho Cucamonga, California, home of Kenne Bell Superchargers, to get an injection of more power to quickly accelerate the Big Sky when merging into fast moving freeway traffic or when towing a boat or trailer.

Kenne Bell Superchargers is one of the industry’s leading supercharging manufacturers always innovating and always keeping ahead of the curve when new vehicles and new engines are bound for the marketplace. They just introduced a new supercharger kit for the 1996 through 2004 Ford Mustang 4.6liter SOHC V8 engine.

Kenne Bell’s Twin Screw 2.2liter Blowzilla Supercharger with 9psi of boost, will add 50% more power to the new Triton 5.4liter V8 engine’s output. Jim Bell also installed a high-performance engine management computer for the supercharger to work better with Ford’s new Triton V8 engine, plus a set of great performing Denso Iridium spark plugs. When the Big Sky was tested on the Kenne Bell dyno,. horsepower specs were rated at 450 with 495lb.ft. of torque. That’s plenty of power to get you were your going pretty quickly.

Later that day I took the Big Sky out on the road and nearby freeway with Jim Bell riding shotgun. Wow, what quick acceleration. Wow, what a growling sound from the custom Borla quad exhaust tips. Wow, what a smooth and controlled ride over poorly paved back roads. Wow, what comfortable and supportive bucket seats. Wow, such powerful and clean sounds coming from the Sony Xplode stereo. Wow, everywhere we went peoples eyes were following the stunningly handsome and rugged 2004 Ford F-150 SuperCab Lariat 4X4 Big Sky because no one else has tuned and dressed-up this latest and greatest pickup before, and with products that consumers can easily purchase.

Another job well done from the designers and engineers at Performance West Group and all the aftermarket companies who have contributed their great products and time making the Big Sky a truly unique and very special take on Ford’s all-new F-150 SuperCrew Lariat 4X4, destined to continue as the world’s best selling vehicle, and full-size pickup truck.

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