International Army SmarTruck III
By: Mike Magda Posted: 11-11-04 19:06
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While the International CXT drew huge crowds at the SEMA Show because of its massive size, another International pickup in a booth a few dozen steps away was drawing a few more practical inquiries.

The boxy crew cab is a commercial offshoot of the SmarTruck III concept developed for the military. The SmarTruck III is an extremely versatile vehicle that can carry weapons, personnel and sophisticated communications equipment. The types of technology that can be fitted to the SmarTruck are mind boggling but it’s also an indication of the versatility possible in a commercial variant of the vehicle.

The front-engine, 4-wheel-drive, air-suspended chassis features a 230-horsepower V6 diesel rated at 460 lb-ft of torque. Payload capacity is 7000 pounds and max tow capacity is 10,000 pounds. Length is just over 20 feet.

This is the type of vehicle that government agencies such as the Border Patrol, BLM and Forest Service could adapt to their particular needs. Commercial applications such as ranching, RV towing, contractors and tow-trucks could also be explored with this International chassis. Big obstacle will be the estimated $60,000 starting price.

Looking over this pickup prompted us to dream of other possibilities International could be considering. We all know International had an interesting line of pickups that lasted up to 1980. Remember the clever Scout Terra Suntanner convertible pickup? And the Scout and Travelall were very capable off-road SUVs. Could the company be considering a return to the mainstream pickup market and building a rugged, classic-styled truck that is truly meant for the working man? We’d love to see some ideas.

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