PickupTruck.Com coverage from the 2005 SEMA Show Nov. 1st-4th in Las Vegas

Welcome to SEMA 2005!

Welcome to SEMA 2005
PUTC is back onsite in Las Vegas for our 7th year of coverage of the biggest auto show on the planet. It's SEMA baby!

Nissan Titan

Nissan NISMO Update
A Nissan official says development continues on Nismo parts for the fullsize Titan but won’t confirm if the company is any closer to announcing a Nismo-branded Titan model for production.

Where are the Rams?

Where are the GM and Dodge Pickups?
It’s the shortest storyline coming out the 2005 SEMA Show. Where are all the GM and Dodge pickups?
There's not a single pickup truck in the GM booth, and the Mopar Speed Shop counts only one pickup.

Toyota X-Runner Concept

Toyota Tacoma X-Runner Concept
Toyota's Tacoma X-Runner Concept pumps out 400 TRD supercharged horses and is one of the most impressive pickup trucks at the show.

BFG Baja 500 F-100

BF Goodrich Baja 500 F-100
Stop by the BG Goodrich booth at the 2005 SEMA Show and you’ll see one of the most ground-breaking pickups ever built.

Mitsubishi Street Raider

Mitsubishi's Street Raider
Boasting perhaps the largest grille opening of any midsize truck that’s ever been customized, the Mitsubishi Street Raider was unveiled at the SEMA Show.

Honda SSCR

Honda Street Sport Concept Ridgeline
Honda brought 12 customized Ridgelines to the SEMA Show to demonstrate the many options for personalization. Here's the SSCR.

Honda Ridgeline at SEMA

Raising the Ridgeline Profile at SEMA
Honda is this year's featured manufacturer at SEMA. Can a strong aftermarket showing raise the Ridgeline's profile with truck enthusiasts?

Dodge Ram Mega Cab

Dodge Ram Mega Cab Wins SEMA Award
SEMA’s awards program spotlighting accessory friendly vehicles chooses the Dodge Ram Mega Cab in 'Best Truck Category'

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