Toyota Tacoma X-Runner Concept
By: Mike Magda, Editor Posted: 11-02-05 19:17
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Sometimes there’s an element of torture at the SEMA Show. Take the X-Runner concept from Toyota Racing Development. It was built to “explore the boundries of sport truck power and performance” but we all know such a vehicle unlikely to hit the dealers’ showroom anytime soon. It appears production-capable, and we hope it could run down the assembly line in a similar configuration. But we know it’s there to inspire and hopefully sell more TRD parts to X-runner owners. But this concept is certainly one of the most impressive pickup trucks at the show.

Power is listed at 400 ponies with the addition of a TRD supercharger and intercooler to the 4.0-liter V6 engine. The engine has also been modified with new pistons, connecting rods and camshaft. It’s mated to a Tacoma 6-speed via a special Kaiten billet steel flywheel that’s 30-percent lighter and heavy-duty ceramic-metallic Aisin clutch. The exhaust is from DC Sports.

Even though a stock X-Runner has excellent handling skills, TRD added a little more prowess with an even lower ride height, TRD 355mm brake package, underbody aerodynamic components, brake cooling ducts and TRD/HRE alloy wheels wrapped with Pirelli P Zero Scorpion tires.

The exterior is a little more aggressive with styled bumper/front fascia/grille, integrated side exhaust and color-keyed tonneau with integral rear spoiler. Inside there are Recaro seats, 4-point rollbar and impressive Alpine 5.1 Multi-Media audio system. The rear jump seats have been replaced with a custom cargo compartment that houses some of the sound system components.

We can only wish.

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