SEMA 2007: ADAC Tailgate Extender
By: Mike Levine Posted: 11-01-07 03:00 PT
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Ford introduced the first integrated OEM tailgate step for a pickup on the 2008 Super Duty. ADAC Technologies' Tailgate Extender is a different take on the feature.

The ADAC Tailgate Extender looks very similar to the Super Duty step because ADAC did its original development on the Tailgate Extender for Ford.

Like the Super Duty, the ADAC Tailgate Extender is stored when not in use. In the stowed position the Tailgate Extender is almost invisible until unlatched, occupying the center of the tailgate top. But it's significantly different from the Super Duty version because it can be used in three different positions.

The first position is straight up and locked vertically, so it can be used as a cargo rack to haul items like a canoe or building materials. The second position is 90-degrees down when the tailgate is open, creating a similar step assist to the Super Duty. The third position is 90-degrees up, creating a two bar bed extender. Two push-in springs on each leg are used to lock the Tailgate Extender into each configuration.

ADAC spokesperson James Kuklewski says the Tailgate Extender is looking for a home as an OEM production option or accessory.

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