SEMA 2007: Monztrous Dezign Studioz Magnadiffs
By: Mike Levine Posted: 11-01-07 11:20 PT
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Monztrous Dezign Studioz (MDS) has reaffirmed the prime directive of the truck aftermarket - leave no surface left untouched.

MDS' upcoming line of Magnadiff Light-up Magnetic Differential Covers stick to the rear differential cover of most trucks. They come in three styles - Skull, Flag, or Spider and light up using power from a truck's 4-prong trailer hitch. Everything needed to hook up the Magnadiff ships with the product.

MDS spokesperson Gary Niles says retail price will be $149 when they start shipping in March 2008. Niles also promises more styles, including NASCAR and 'Gone Fishin' versions.

Start saving your pennies!

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