Mr. Norm's Dodge Ram Super Truck
By: Mike Levine, Performance West Group Press Release Posted: 11-30-07 00:22
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Right before SEMA we published a story about one of the trucks headed to Las Vegas for the annual aftermarket super show. Performance West Group teamed up with legendary Mopar performance guru Norm Krause - aka "Mr. Norm" - to create Mr. Norm's Dodge Ram Super Truck.

At the time we only had a rendering of the high performance hauler to show, because it was still being built, and things got so busy during SEMA we couldn't cover the real deal.

So here it is, in all its supercharged orange and black glory. A limited run of 100 serial numbered Mr. Norm's Dodge Ram Super Trucks will be produced for sale, based on this SEMA vehicle.

Below is Performance West Group's press release with all the details of the project truck.

PWG Press Release:

Awesome! The only word that comes close to describing this vehicle.  Covered in Screamin' Hemi Orange paint, the color immediately gives away its lineage. And with its classic muscle car like appearance, what else could it be, but a genuine Mr. Norm's Dodge packing nothing less than a supercharged Hemi. It's all there, right down to the bold HEMI callouts on each side of the massive hood scoop that identify the no nonsense engine that lurks just under the hood, ready to devour other vehicles in less time than it took to read this sentence.

How many times have we all said, "What I wouldn't give to go back to '69 and get a brand new Dodge from Mr. Norm, the King of High Performance. Bold, brash, arrogant, in your face, and it's gotta have a HEMI engine. They just don't make vehicles like this anymore." Or do they?

With its vivid Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes Planet Color Hemi Orange Pearl, accented with a modern interpretation of the original black graphic C stripe, the Mr. Norm's Dodge Ram Super Truck takes command of the highway, leaving no doubt that this is one muscle machine is that is something special. The sizzle of the Hemi engine beneath the power bulge hood is matched artistically with the sizzle of the vehicle design. Additional exterior upgrades include Classic Design Concepts hood pins, a Solid By Design billet fuel door, a Sir Michaels rear roll pan and dark tinted glass, complements of 3M.

The Mr. Norm’s Dodge Ram Super Truck has an aggressive, ground hugging stance that’s complemented by rolling stock consisting of 22" Viper Ram SRT 10 inspired alloy wheels by Rodtana, matched with 22" Pirelli PZero ultra high performance radial tires. The result is a crouching muscle machine that's ready to pounce; a muscle machine that looks like its breaking the speed limit, even when it’s parked in your driveway!

Inside the Ram, the cockpit features a Katzkin custom leather interior with colorful Mr. Norm's embroidered logos, highlighted by satin nickel accent trim by Woodview, along with Designer Mat custom carpet mats. Even the bed is upholstered with a BedRug for the ultimate in bed protection and good looks.

There's nothing phony about the Mr. Norm’s Dodge Ram Super Truck.  Just like its kin from the golden age of high performance, this is the real deal. Gut wrenching, neck snapping 100 percent pure Made in America big bore Hemi power. And if that's not enough, just to be sure, the Hemi in the Mr. Norm's Ram is also equipped with a massive Kenne Bell Big Bore Twin Screw positive displacement supercharger, augmented with an air to water intercooler designed to keep intake charge temperature down, and power up. With over 500 pavement melting horsepower lurking just under the bulging, SRT 10 hood, the Mr. Norm’s Dodge Ram Super Truck is ready to deliver, every time you’ve got the guts to put the pedal to the metal.

Augmenting the supercharger is a Corsa Performance cat-back exhaust system that provides the kind of bellicose rumble that only a blown Hemi can produce. And to keep the Mr. Norm’s Dodge Ram Super Truck earth bound, the suspension system has been enhanced by Hotchkis Performance, lowering the center of gravity to enable it to leap through tight, twisting turns in pursuit of prey. The finishing touch on the chassis are a set of SSBC Force 10 Tri Power calipers working in concert with 14" cross drilled and ventilated rotors designed to insure fade free high speed stops, just in case you want to give the first place losers another chance at humiliation.

The Mr. Norm's Dodge Ram Super Truck is a real tribute to Dodge's special place in Muscle Car history.  Throughout the '60's and into the '70's, Mr. Norm created and produced a long and distinguished line of pedigree high performance vehicles.  They include such legends as the original 383 Dart GSS, the 440 Dart GSS, the Demon Six Pack and the Supercharged Demon. The Mr. Norm's Dodge Ram Super Truck takes the best elements of the original Dodge muscle cars and integrates them with today's state of the art automotive technology. The Mr. Norm’s Dodge Ram is what the Muscle Cars of the '60's and '70's would have been if they’d known how.

And like its fabled ancestors, the Mr. Norm's Dodge Ram Super Truck will show no mercy for wanna be sport trucks and supposed modern muscle cars armed with little more than sporty sounding names and the rhetoric that is used to promote them. No, quite the contrary, the owners of these vehicles will find that less really is not more, and will wish they had never crossed paths with the king of muscle machines, the Hemi powered Mr. Norm's Dodge Ram Super Truck.

End Press Release

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