SEMA 2007 Preview: Ford Explorer Sport Trac Super Trac
Source: Performance West Goup Posted: 10-24-07 12:00 PT
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The Sport Trac Super Trac features the 4.6-liter 3-valve V8 engine, equipped with enough horses to explode out of the starting gate and leave the competition in the dust. Then add the Sport Trac Super Trac's well balanced performance, its ability to dive into hairpin turns and explode into the straights without missing a beat, thanks to its independent rear suspension, a design that infuses this sport truck with sports car capability.

The performance upgrades were chosen to infuse the Super Trac with extra power and torque. In order to take complete advantage of the trick suspension and oversized wheel/tire package, the Super Trac includes a Kenne Bell Optimizer II Electronic Engine Management System. On the exhaust side, Warner’s Performance installed a Magnaflow Performance cat back exhaust system. A low restriction K&N Filter Charger, coaxes additional horsepower from the engine.

The suspension features a combination of nearly adhesive tires and stability enhancements designed to keep up with the speed and a lower, more aggressive stance. Advantage Performance developed the enhanced suspension, lowering the Super Trac to a whisper above the pavement. More than just a fashion statement, the new stance gives the Super Trac the impression it runs on rails, a statement not far from the truth, thanks to the lowered stance. Oasis Alloy Wheels  20-inch "Eleanor" vintage Shelby Mustang themed custom wheels  are mounted on Pirelli Scorpion Zero directional tires that hold the road like Velcro.

True performance aficionados know the value of extra braking power to truly harness and control the power of the engine. Balancing the additional engine performance and handling prowess of the Super Trac are Stainless Steel Brakes Corp’s new Force 10 Cross Drilled Rotors and high performance brake pads. Be advised, wearing your seatbelt is not an option when you step on the brakes in the Super Trac, it's mandatory.

Subtle finds no place in the Ford Sport Trac Super Trac vocabulary.  Think muscular power, elegant sinew, jaw-dropping class and style and you come close to describing the first impression this sport truck makes as it flashes past.

The first thing you'll notice is the Extreme Yellow Metallic from Sherwin-Williams Planet Colors, boldly contrasted by black graphics by Sharpline Converting that were inspired by the original Mustang Boss 302.  The Mustang 429 Shotgun hood scoop and chrome hood pins from Classic Design Concepts continue the theme, while the tonneau cover from Gaylord Lids further enhances the functional aerodynamics and high style. A custom 4-inch diameter side exhaust complements the classic muscle car styling cues. And the deeply tinted glass applied by Syndicate Automotive Concepts allows the driver and his revelers to take full advantage of a sunny day without being blinded by it. On the road the Sport Trac Super Trac travels, this Ford will be the brightest star.

But the exterior is just the beginning. The color-coordinated leather interior from Katzkin Leather sets the tone for luxury. Gone are the days when high performance translated into a stark, barren interior. This is the 21st century, when glamour and athleticism join forces as seen with the carbon fiber trim kit from Woodview, and Designer Mats' embroidered custom carpet mats that echo the logo format.   

A great vehicle needs to provide great entertainment, and Sony was chosen to provide the audio/video system. The Super Trac features nothing less than a Sony Xplod Blutooth high powered head unit and matching speakers are guaranteed to keep the energy level up, whether the Sport Trac Super Trac is cruising to the corner 7-11 or across country.

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