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Boyd Coddington Wheels Giveaway Contest
You Win, You Choose a Set of Boyd Coddington Wheels Valued at Over $1200!*
(See Complete Contest Rules for More Information)

Boyd Coddington is know the world over for his finely crafted hot rods and aftermarket accessories.

Well, we might not be able to giveaway one of his hot rods, but now you have a chance to win a set of genuine Boyd Coddington billet aluminum rims for your truck - that you choose*!

To enter the contest we're asking you to fill out a quick survey from Boyd Coddington so you can help him create even more exciting designs in the future.

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* Boyd Coddington Wheel Giveaway excludes wheels greater than 20-inches in diameter

A sample of just one of the sets of wheels you could pick from if you win!

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